Ubi Kazakhstan Ibi Ecclesia? Which church is Michael Matt NOT leaving?

After the first 10 minutes, during which he speaks about King Charles III, Michael Matt speaks about the Church. 

After listening to what I consider to be Neo-Gallicanism at its lowest point, I cannot help but ask Michael Matt which "church" is he refusing to leave? According to this video, what are the characteristics of this "church" that he is refusing to leave?

1) It is a church in which a simple laymen can mock and denigrate the person who he acknowledges to be the Roman Pontiff, the Vicar of Christ, the Supreme Shepherd of the Faithful of Jesus Christ. The examples from this video are many.
a) He speaks of Francis as "so rude." 
b) He continually refers to Francis as "this guy" who is "so sick" "in a wheel chair." 
c) He says Francis is just an actor since "everything is just a show" with "this guy." Since when do you refer to a Successor of Saint Peter as "this guy"? 
d) Speaking in a way that strikes the ear as impious, he comments on Francis speaking to an Orthodox bishop and kissing his pectoral cross by saying that Francis kissed the "Orthodox guy's" "holy stuff." 
e) The pope can be "anti-Catholic." 
f) He comments on Francis' Twitter feed and says that it was like reading the text messages of a "pot head plowing through a box of fortune cookies." I would bet $100 that no traditionalist post-1965 or any Catholic pre-1965 has ever called the man you think of as pope or even a man that you think is an antipope as like a "pothead." 

2) It is a church in which an auxiliary bishop is faithful to the Church and the Faith while most all of the hierarchy of this church can and has defected from the truth.  This includes the defection from the faith of the man you acknowledge to be Roman Pontiff. 
a) "Bishop" Athanasius Schneider is clearly held up as the standard of the faith.
b) Ubi Kazakhstan Ibi Ecclesia. It is Michael's favorite Remnant supporting Novus Ordo "bishop" that is the new standard of faith rather than the man he acknowledges to be head of the Roman See. 
c) You have a Roman Pontiff that has to be "reminded" by the Auxiliary bishop of Kazakhstan what the Faith is. 
d) A church with a hierarchy in which some members of the magisterium teach the Faith and some do not. 
e) A church in which a layman or an auxiliary bishop needs to "stand up AGAINST the pope" to preserve the Catholic Faith. What about the Infallibility and Indefectibility of the Church? 
f) It is a church in which a "bishop of the Catholic Church" can, without attracting the ire of the faithful or moral condemnation, attend an interfaith prayer meeting. 
g) A church in which a "bishop" can say the Novus Ordo Missae, without deserving moral censure. 
h) You can have false doctrines taught by the "church" or the "magisterium of the church." 
i) A church in which a single "bishop" can urge "priests" who agree with him to ignore the liturgical laws and decisions of the Roman Pontiff, and, still, be considered a champion of the Catholic Church.
h) A church in which it is not the pope or the bishop who "gives the supernatural life," but "the Church." 
i) A church in which all the Modernist Rites produce valid Catholic priests and bishops. 
j) Any laymen can sift the decisions of "your bishops." 
k) A church in which you can resist the Roman Pontiff for the sake of "tradition." 
l) A church in which Sister Lucy of Fatima can be gotten rid of and no one even cares to mention it when doing a broadcast on the problems in the Church.

3) A church in which those who have cooperated for decades with the Modernist Apostasy are "in the church," while those who have refused to cooperate with the Heretics and Apostates are "outside the church." 
a) The hardy souls that have fought for decades to maintain the pure and unadulterated faith pale compared to the heroic efforts of a "auxiliary bishop of Kazakhstan." 
b) It is a church in which faithful who are desperate to find the Catholic Faith within the "Catholic Church," must, "if worse comes to worse," must look for a Novus Ordo Conciliarist priest who has been "thrown out," to say Mass "for us." 
c) It is a church in which Athanasius Schneider agrees with Michael Matt that one must not leave the Novus Ordo Conciliarist Church of Jorge Bergoglio.
d) A church in which the greatest "traditionalists" of the 70s were those who said the New Mass.
e) A church in which the "traditional Catholic faith" can be kept alive by saying the Novus Ordo Missae.
f) A church which tolerates Michael Matt's arrogant confidence in his own position that allows him to mock as mentally deranged those who condemn the Novus Ordo and refuse to have anything to do with it. 

At the end of the day, Michael Matt has a "Holy Father" who has left the faith and a Catholic Church that is defective. 

Let us celebrate those who have NEVER offered a grain of incense or who have never besmirched the Immaculate Bride of Christ or degraded and mocked the man who they hold to be the Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church. 


  1. Indeed. Where / when does it end? A couple of quick questions...
    Can the Catholic Church defect? (Answer - No)
    Can apostates and heretics be pope (Answer - No)
    The conclusion might be irksome but at least it's Catholic (Correct Answer - sedevacantism).

    1. "irksome", sounds about right. But the conclusion as you have said is sedevacantism.

  2. When you really consider what the Papacy should represent, this semi-trad position is very weak.

  3. It is better to be a home aloner!

  4. The more one reads of the R'n'R take down of their own canonized popes, the more I just have to laugh. Sorry, R'n'R, but wake up already. LOL

  5. dont we need the cardinals and bishops to intervene? otherwise we risk everything by going sedevecatist. we cant consecrate bishops or create a new line of succession. only the clergy of Rome can do that. As bad as it seems, we cant create a Church without the clergy.

  6. The CIC conference of Michael Matt in Pittsburgh was controlled-opposition and it was all-talk-and-no-action-of-resistance http://stumblingblock.org/?p=20030#comment-46885


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