"Sister Lucy and the Gang of FOUR" There is NO QUESTION that THIS is the reason why so few will acknowledge the GIGANTIC FACT that we at Sister Lucy Truth have Uncovered and Proven. It really entails rethinking, for many, the entire history of the Catholic Church in the 20th Century.


  1. No one is really interested, despite all you do!

  2. Truth will come to light with the grace of God....

  3. Where are the photos of the real Sr. Lucia in the 1950's, show them if they exist. I think the real Sr. Lucia was 'replaced' in the late 1940's not 10 years later as you claim.

  4. https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/252010/spanish-shrine-where-our-lady-of-fatima-appeared-to-sister-lucia-falling-into-ruin

  5. "It really entails rethinking, for many, the entire history of the Catholic Church in the 20th Century."

    Probably the most prescient comment in a while and can be extended to include the world in general. As the three biggest LIES of all time have been perpetrated on a world that started losing it's Faith at the turn of the century (and actually in the late 19th Century).

    The unholy trinity is perhaps the best description and they are lies that folks just don't want to discuss (for the most part).

    1. Evolution - there is no God, and we all evolved from sludge, so our lives are worth nothing - bring on the Great Reset.
    2. Abortion - planned parenthood, Margaret Sanger, Daddy Gates and the rest of them - followed closely by the godsend of contraception - sex without the worry of pesky children, and with all that the destruction of marriage.
    3. The "Virus" - germ theory trumping terrain theory and Rockefeller medicine taking hold of the western world. With the pharma (sorcery) industry making trillions on the sale of snake oil.

    Don't touch any of these sacred three or all heaven may break lose.

    And yes, they all apply, so if you still believe in "the virus" then you're in with the gang of abortionists and evolutionists.

    As I try to tell people, "The TRUTH will set you free" and that Truth is Jesus Christ.

  6. If it seems too good to be true, it most likely is.

  7. Fr Hesse on the Secret of Fatima released been false .https://youtu.be/t5jWhJDMOQo

  8. We always let those responsible get away with their criminal acts, and give our enemies the ammunition they need, so they can use it against us and our position.

  9. What is your evidence for Benedict XVI? He ascended the throne of Peter after the death of Lucy. What is he specifically accused of and with what evidence?

  10. The communist infiltration of the catholic church probably started around the 40's and 50's and as well the suppression of "Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus" which was the hinge of the start of the apostasy. Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus has always been the dogma of the true catholic church - not the fake catholic church or groups that have all the externals..buildings ,cassocks, sacred music, but not the truth and unity of the one true church as instituted by Jesus Christ.
    What has really happened? Can you handle the truth?


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