Leaving the SSPX Behind: John Salza and Andrew Bartel. Interesting that the Snake Salza Identifies "Geographic" Reasons for First Joining with SSPX. John, "Little Petey," as you have called me, doesn't remember you saying that at all the CFN conferences. I tried to listen to these three who are now happily "in full communion," but had to stop, only being able to think of "gag me with a spoon!"


  1. Dear Slickety Slick Salza,

    Congratulations, you’re in “full communion” with a Christ-hating, Masonic (wink wink brother!) Marxist, modernist, blasphemous, wicked, stang-carrying, sodomy and transsexual-approving, pertinacious formal heretic, idol-worshipper, vindictive, vicious persecutor of Catholics, all-around apostate destroyer and CEO of a counterfeit institution that is masquerading as the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

    But, hey, this was the plan all along, right Slickety Slickster brother John?

  2. GOOD ONE Anonymous!

    1. So what ! This world has been a mess for a long time, because people will do nothing to stop those responsible.

  3. People are too stupid to know that they have been duped.


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