"Fatima and the Fake Prophesy" - HD The Greatest Struggle of Our Time is NOT Over the Family, but Over the Counterfeit Church!


  1. I told you that anything comes after 1957, after Fr. Fuentes' interview (last interview) with the real Sister Lucia were doubtful, do not believe. Because, after that interview, they made her (real Sister Lucia) "disappeared" permanently, and brought in the imposter to support the Satan's incarnate Paul the sick, the Jewish Perverted homo Paul VI. All who believe and call Paul VI was their Pope are condemned and will be shared in the same fate of that Anti-Pope and Anti-Christ.

    Our Lady said "... two worm-riddle popes..." She referred to Paul VI and John Paul II. John XXIII was the Precursor for the Anti-Christ Paul VI... All who committed homosexual perverted sins are being possessed under the influential of the devils for no one can commit such abhorrent sin, even the devils were disgusting of that sin themselves but they will tempt anyone who fall into their power anyway. Remember they asked God to give them the power over those "who fall into my authority" and God gave them that power. (Pope Leo XIII revelation)


  2. although there was enemy infiltration into the upper ranks of the clergy and the Vatican for many years, the counterfeit church was definitively established with the vitiated papal conclave of 1958. Dr Franco Adessa, collaborator with Fr Luigi Villa, who was given a unique Papal Mandate by Pius XII to expose the Masonic infiltrators in the highest levels of the Church, recounts what Fr Villa told him:

    'I submitted to Fr. Villa the possibility of a possible murder of Pius XII. Father told me what was said and what was known in the Holy Office: «We think that Pius XII was killed for two reasons: If Pius XII had lived yet another year and a half, the Masonic world’s plan to place their man, Montini, at the top of the Church would fail. In 1960, Pius XII would certainly have published the Third Secret of Fatima that contained the sentence: “Satan will actually succeed in reaching the top of the Church;” furthermore, Freemasonry could not impose Roncalli, as their “transitional pope,” because at that time he was already ill with cancer and had been given only five years to live. If Pius XII had remained alive for another year and a half, Roncalli could never be elected [anti]pope, because the news of his disease would be widespread and would prevent him from getting the necessary votes for his [invalid] election to the papacy. And Montini would never become Cardinal, nor [anti]pope.»'

    1. Good Fr. Villa was mistaken in some things.

    2. The only thing I can see where Fr Luigi Villa was mistaken was in calling John XXIII through Benedict XVI popes instead of antipopes. Are there others? I think he knew they were antipopes but that he thought it necessary to not say so for some reason. He did indeed tell his associate Dr Franco Adessa several times that "there are some secrets I must take with me to my grave."

      BTW, it gets a bit confusing when more than one commenter here is named "Anonymous."

    3. Hey Darrell, please stop it with your 1958 conclave excuses to todays' current problems.

    4. We do not know what those secrets were. Secrets are secrets and they could be anything.

  3. The people in this whole world is fake !

  4. The greatest struggle is within ourselves. To find out who is the real problem in this messed up world, look in the mirror !


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