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  1. In the chapter "prayer and sufferings for Pope Pius VII" in volume two of the Schmöger publications of the prophecies of Anna Catharina Emmerich, it is foretold how the masonic infiltration of the Church occurs.

    This was revealed in the 1820'es BEFORE the Alta Vendita "permanent instruction" was leaked in 1860. The evil plottings of Mazzini and Piccolo Tigre and other devil worshippers(posing as philosophers) conspiring to infiltrate the Church seminars with undercover sodomite masons.

    Among other things, it was foretold by Emmerich that eventually the members of secret societies will be put on the scaffot and their aprons burned in a large bonfire.

    Similar how blessed Anna Maria Taigi foretold how three days of darkness, comparable to the three days of darkness in Egypt, will exterminate all the plotters against the Church.

    These, among other private prophecies, foretell that the secret societies will eventually be brought to justice.

    It should be noted that the Anna Catharina Emmerich prophecies was noted down as paraphrasings to a readable literary form by layman Clemens Brentano.

    But they have shown to be correct as the "church of darkness" DID later substitute the real Church in the eyes of the majority.

    The public revelations of the Bible regarding the End Times seems also relevant today:

    * The mark in the right hand or forehead, without which no one is able to sell or bye, gives a sign in the invention of "crypto currency" digital passport implanted chips or "quantum dot tattos." (Apoc. 13, 16)

    * The weaponized grasshoppers clad in metal mail et.c., seems an apocalyptic sign in the invention of weaponized war drones. Swarm drones and walking drones.

    The lady clad in the sun and with the moon under her feet, whom the dragon sought to eradicate, but who fled to the desert for the 3½ years of final persecution, could give a sign in the Fatima apparition, which certainly was the Virgin Mary clad in the sun. Perhaps then we are also to expect a sign in the moon.


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