Nancy Pelosi Receives "Communion" at Vatican. Thank God that We Can Be Morally Certain that It Was Invalid. But the Sacrilegious Intent Counts!


  1. The only people not welcome in the Vatican are Catholics.

  2. She comes to give her boss, the devils in human form that they screwed up and their kingdom of darkness is about to crumbling down. The Anti-Pope Francis needs to do some "black magic" to save the ship for they're sinking. How many poofs do you stupid Catholics need to show you that new mass is Satanic mass of the new religion of the Cabals???

  3. I believe the main reason we know The Novus Ordo eucharist isn't valid is because the homosexual antipope Paul VI invalidated the episcopal consecration rite, as is shown at

    For those who wish to know what Padre Pio's friend Fr Luigi Villa uncovered about Paul VI, see (96 p. with pics; Accomplice to Murder: p.21; Freemason: p.30; Homosexual: p.55)


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