"Shooting the Messenger of Fatima." Fake Sister Lucy had Occult Eastern Yin Yang Balls.


  1. I don't understand something. If the Vatican legitimized Fatima, then logically they should have consecrated Russia. Did the vatican not really believe Fatima?

    1. cf.: http://www.betrayedcatholics.com/members/archives/
      Of course: You're entitled to your opinion(s), as are we Catholics who regard the current residents of Rome and rectories as counterfeits and impostors.
      Thereto: Opportunities presented to pre-Vatican II valid popes are now history/lost ones. A 'new agenda' is likely in-play, according to God's infinite Wisdom and Mercy... (above my pay-grade/I'm not a prophet.)

  2. Also if a Pope was to consecrate Russia wouldn't that be blasphemous? Russia is communist and EO. Can you consecrate things that aren't catholic? opposed to catholicism?

  3. They opened a "Pandora's Box" for all evil, anti-Catholic and anti-Christian agendas by satanic, lunatic, super-rich men a long time ago. No wonder the world (people) are going to Hell.


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