Reports of US and UK Special Forces on the Ground in the Ukraine from the Beginning of War. We are Just ONE Honest Reporter Away from Blowing the Whistle on World War III.

From the article by Brandon Smith:

"Sadly, because of Hollywood movies a large number of people have misguided notions of what World War III might actually look like. Entertainment media always depict WWIII as happening in a flash, an instant in which missiles are launched and a broken civilization of survivors is left to pick up the pieces. What they never show is a long grinding war of financial attrition, supply chain disruptions, cyber attacks, and drawn out regional battles in which Americans are shipped overseas to die for no purpose other than to pretend that these territorial disputes are somehow “our responsibility.”


  1. The Zerohedge site provides excellent information on a lot of subjects. On the Ukraine issue, Paul Craig Roberts ( is excellent. He's in his eighties, a former assistant treasury secretary under Reagan, a real conservative, who pulls absolutely NO PUNCHES. In short?...He has seen the enemy....and it be US. His columns are rarely 2 pages, if that....but superb and highly informative.


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