On the Anniversary of the First Appearance of Our Lady of Fatima, Veteran's Today's Dr. Kevin Barrett interviews Dr. Peter Chojnowski on Fatima and the Neoconservatives War Against Russia. Is Russia Now Being Used as an Instrument to Chastise the West? Listen in at 6pm Pacific Time.



  1. please post a link for us to listen to this important presentation!! Thank you!

  2. So I don’t understand how could Russia be consecrated in the first place? They were Eastern Orthodox and then Communist. How do you consecrate that?

  3. It was the Bolsheviks and the system that they created which is known as Communism. The majority of the people in Russia in 1910's were poor, had no clue of what was to come and we're non-Communist. They were mostly eastern Christians. The Bolsheviks, were the main ones responsible.


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