Dragica Brayovic, one the the World's Premier Facial Super-Recognizers, Employed Her Talents on the the Question of the Identity of Sister Lucy dos Santos. Result, Beginning in 1967 there was an Imposter who Posed as the real Sister Lucy dos Santos. See the Results Below.


As we at Sister Lucy Truth said in the beginning of our investigation, only the most scientific and objective experts would be employed to make a ruling on the evidence. They have ruled on the evidence. See sisterlucytruth.org


  1. Unfortunately, about the only time folks are going to believe, let alone be concerned, about Fatima and the Fake Sister Lucy is when they die. Then it will be like Bishop's Sheen response to the women who said she didn't believe in hell....to which Sheen responded...."Madame, you will when you get there". "Truth" is upsetting. So is any reminder of hell. You have performed a great act of truth and mercy for the world....with predictable results. Your are in great company. The first one they crucified and the second one they disappeared. Both won....and so have you.


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