Paul VI, in 1966, one year before presenting the "transformed" "Sister Lucy," urges all to "transform" themselves into the "image of the conciliar Church." Isn't this the exact reason why everything Fatima was "transformed" after 1965? Terrifying when you actually think about it.


"Is this transformation good enough, Holy Father?" 

Thank you Novus Ordo Watch for this translation of Paul the Sick's speech and the rediscovery of the date in which the original reference to "conciliar Church" was used.

Paul VI's words: 

"For it is not a matter merely of collecting and spreading the council’s teachings, but of transforming oneself into the image of the conciliar Church [l’Eglise conciliaire], renewed in its prayer, in the expression of its faith and its hope and in the clarity of its dialogue with all Christians and all men. In that way each Catholic will be able to help his brother believe in Christ and to recognize Him in His Church."

For the original French version of the speech from 1966, see,


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