Did "failure" of the MSM to report the presence of "high level" French Officers in Mariupol ensure the re-election of the Mason Macron? Were they the ones who destroyed the Moskva flagship? #notWWIII.



  1. The French election was as fake as the US 2020 election. The news showed LePen up by hundreds or tens of thousands of votes but also showed as having only 40% of the vote. On the screen at the same time. TPTB want us to see, so when we do nothing, it shows how powerful they are and how we deserve everything they do.

  2. MSM fails to report or under reports just about everything. They are paid to lie. Wake up, they do not serve the public. They only brainwash the people, it's called conditioning or spreading fear more than it actually is.

  3. The MSN serves it's masters who are evil,greedy and tyrannical.


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