What does this mean? I don't know. But it is interesting that Fr. Malachi Martin mentioned Russia and Kiev and the importance of these two back in 1996.




  1. Watch or listen to this talk, just yesterday. Fr. Kramer answers many questions for the Catholics in today crisis. https://youtu.be/HQHHjh1KvmE

    We have all the warnings for 400, 500 years at least to make sure we are prepared for this endtime, but we didn't pay any attention. We afraid and being so despair and upset.

    No, time to pray and be rejoice because God is about to destroy the wicked. God let them take out each others first, and God will let His Angels finish them in 3 days of darkness. This world must be punished for their sins.

  2. Since the eighties there have been reports of apparitions in Ukraine, often over churches handed over to schismatics by the communists, or in places like Zarvanytsa, where approved apparitions occurred in the past. Theologically these recent, as yet unapproved apparitions give us to understand that from Ukraine the Union of Florence will spread into Great Russia, which will be the conversion of Russia announced at Fatima. Fr Martin was aware of these prophecies.


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