More Assisi Consecration: Francis, in a communication with Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, expresses two heresies which undercut the entire purpose of a "Consecration of Russia" and a "Period of Peace." "All War is Unjust" and "All Weapons should be Abolished," along with Schismatics are Part of the Church. So the Purpose of this "Consecration" is to bring about a Pacifistic Temporal Peace and Nothing More. Why would Patriarch Kirill Need to Convert if He was ALREADY Part of the Church?


  1. Thank you so much. My Catholic friends treated me like I was insane. Carl M GRILLO, Columbia, SC


  3. I told you, fake "peace" and when they hug each other, "shalom" then the next thing is bomb drop down on people. "All war is unjust," Francis why don't you tell that to the Jews/Israel?
    Always unjust for others, but never unjust for the Jews/Israel. Who created WWI, WWII and now WWIII to benefit the Jews and Israel????!!!!!

    Why Jews/Israel can attack and steal from others and nobody can defend themselves from the wicked Jews/Israel? If Israel can invade and steal everything from many nations including us, the Americans then why nobody allows to destroy Israel?

    God will anoint Russia and Russia will eliminate Rothschild, Soros, and the rest of the Satanic race/religion. 2000 years the whole world has been suffered from that seeds of Satan, it's too long.

    Jews/Israel want to ban all weapons but they can make and keep as much as they want. They cry out in pain while they pierce your heart. Always, same tactics, all lies and propagandas to deceive others.

    Ukraine war was planned by Jews/Israel and their criminals. Ukraine is a greatest pot of corrupted where Jews laundry money and all kinds of crimes, including stealing Russia's gold... Stupid people believe the lies of the Jewish Media. The truth is totally opposite. Russia has been screwed up many times and this time Putin lost his patience. But Our Lady promised to save Russia even though the consecration will be done LATE...

    What's the word "LATE" meaning to the world? The whole Catholic Prophecies will be carried out every stroke. 3/4 of the world will be annihilated. All things that "man-made" will be destroyed. Half of England will sink. Part of Ireland will sink. Paris will become ashes. USA will be hit by long-range missiles and ruined. Canada, California, Alaska will be invaded by Chinese... Should I say more?

  4. It is all a show, to fool people.

  5. The Orthodox leaders do not know or want to know that Antipope Francis is an heretical hypocrite and is sending them to hell, by collaborating with him.


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