Francis' Assisi "Consécration" Prayer Sent to Bishops...Here it is. "Therefore, Mother of God and our Mother, to your Immaculate Heart we solemnly entrust and consecrate ourselves, the Church and all humanity, especially Russia and Ukraine. Accept this act that we carry out with confidence and love"

If this is anything other than an Assisi "Consecration" Prayer for Temporal Peace and Human Development, please let me know. I think the Modernists are even hijacking the Consecration of Russia. 


  1. I told you so, those guys are ANTI-POPE and ANTICHRISTS. They are Jewish-Kabbalah, the Freemasons of the New Jews World Disorder. They ain't pope. They ain't bishops. They ain't priests.

    Why? Anyone who denied Christ and His Church (Dogmas) are ANTICHRISTS, and they are worse than heretics. They became apostates. No return. They sold their souls to Satan for a done-deal.

    What a mockery? Did I told you that? Don't need a brainer to figure it out. The Prophecies had revealed and punishments will come. Don't mock God Francis and Vatican II... Don't mock Him.

    The Wrath is coming. Rome and Italy will severely be punished. "pope", bishops, priests... will die for they ignored and mocked the Fatima warnings, the messages sent by God himself through His Mother. Woe to you the NWO. You pick a fight against God, how dare you?

    Benedict has a chance to speak out expose and condemn the fake consecration but he did not do so strongly. He said "I will pray with you in my private place..." (Let see if it true or not, I have a "grapevine" told me that yesterday.)

  2. I told you, he made a fake, a mockery consecration again. Look what he calls Our Lady "Queen of the human family"... That title is of Pachamama their Satan-mother idolatry name.

    Our Lady has so many titles but not "Queen of the Human Family"... She has 153 names and titles but not the Pachamama's title folks. And "patch of fraternity" the language of the Freemasons and Revolutions...

    Benedict XVI will not be there to participate in their NWO-consecration. It was confirmed to me again today. So bis, at least Benedict XVI keeps his word for I heard it yesterday. I mentioned that Benedict XVI denied to participate, and today I asked my friend again "yes, he won't do it"...

    Now make them shame with their WARRANTY that their consecration was done and it's PEACE because their pseudo masonic Saint John Paul II has done it. Well, where is the Peace?

    All Catholics should come out shout out "What has happened to the real Sr. Lucia?" She never confirmed that "consecration was done. Your impostor said so... WE WANT THE TRUTH." Let see what they play this time. Keep smash their heads off, and kick all of them out of the Christ's Church.

  3. Right over the target. Nothing here about the salvation of souls, heaven, hell, or purgatory. No mention of sin.

  4. It takes a true, validly elected pope to do the consecration. The last true pope to do the consecration was Pius XII in 1952, by himself and not in union with the bishops of the world. Our Lady told Sr Lucia that the pope will consecrate Russia, but it will be late. 1952 is already late, since She asked for the consecration in 1929, and hundreds of millions of people were killed between 1929 and 1952. I think it's Pius XII's consecration that Our Lady was foretelling, and since it wasn't in union with all the bishops, only a partial peace was granted, and the prevention of a nuclear WWIII. JPII's consecration had no effect since he, like John XXIII thru Francis, was an antipope and a NWO asset. gives the reason why. The Church has been in eclipse ever since the papacy was usurped by the traditional enemies of Christ and of the human race (1 Thes 2.15-17) and their subordinate Masonic assets.

  5. Visit to Sr Lucia's niece one month ago .

  6. What the SSPX and Resistance have been waiting for?

    Their reason for "keeping" Pope Francis?

    1. SSPX are too dumb to want to know better. SSPX wants to share the limelight and wealth that comes with association with the false Vatican ll sect. So goes their way of thinking. That is one of the main reasons, they continue to recognize her, but still seem to resist her on the surface for show. They are false trads.


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