They even have to ruin Minnie Mouse. Now she will be as "empowered" as Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton, and Angela Merkel. So in other words, a dress is a sign of subjection? I have never seen the Queen in a pant suit.


  1. Well, this is their excuse: the "pantsuit" is for "business-women" they say. "We women are now educated, well-educated, well-trained and skilled good as just as your men, and pantsuit is easy for us to move around and be so easily for us to keep up with our busy schedule..." Sound good, so far, I don't disagree with them. But is it truly so? Somewhat, yes but not all.

    The pantsuit was introduced to women to take them out of kitchen --- GO TO WORK AS MAN AND BE THE BREAD AND BUTTER FOR YOUR FAMILY... and then they continue seduced women into "naked clothing" everybody exposes her breast and butt to seduce men into a LUSTFUL WORLD. They brought into the world "porn industry" and "abortion industry", "contraception and murder at first sight with pharmaceuticals", "drugs, cracks" and what will be the result? Evil, the result is: CRIMES ...

    The whole mankind morality was wiped out and then they have their plan out, they make way for the destruction. Completely destruction of Christianity. Think about that folks.

    As soon as people collapsed and lacked out spiritual life, morality failure is certainly. So, the ripe time to bring in their NEW JEWS WORLD DISORDER UNDER THEIR ANTICHRIST AND THE JEWS WILL HAVE THEIR "stolen nation Israel based in Jerusalem as Trumptard claimed." What a slap on the face of JESUS CHRIST and CATHOLICS/CHRISTIANS.

    Pantsuit or Dress-suit is not the point, the point is there is the REVOLUTION of the women, we are "equal to men and we want all men want, all men earns, all men positions... etc"


    Go ahead make a baby by yourself. Go ahead go to war and combat by women only. Go ahead and build everything, construction, heavy duty jobs just as men. You can't even do a "sh***t" without men. Stop to be so damn stupid and arrogantly. God did not create women first, He made Adam first and from his rib He made you so that you will always MUST SUBMIT TO MEN...

    "We don't submit to no one. We can do everything men do and do better..." Look at all your women-leaders, most of you are trash and most of you "whores" your way up to the top. Don't let me spell out your sins to get your positions. Go back and be the best in which God had setup for you.


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