Major Announcement from Sister Lucy Truth: Statistical Analysis of the Photographic Evidence by Physics Ph.D Yields the Result that the Odds are 13,000,000 TO ONE Against Sister Lucy I and Sister Lucy II Being the Same Person. In Lay man's terms, "It isn't Her."

Dr. Robert Bennett, Ph.D in Physics from Stevens Institute of Technology, professor in physics, and professional consultant for Federal Electric, J.P. Morgan Chase, and Bell Labs has produced a quantitative statistical analysis of the photographs of Sister Lucy dos Santos of Fatima, from her early years to old age. You can read the report here in the link below. Also, below is the scientific methodology which Dr. Bennett employed when he analyzed the evidence. Dr. Bennett offers his findings for complete professional review.,be%20related%20in%20certain%20features.&text=A%20t%2Dtest%20looks%20at,to%20determine%20the%20statistical%20significance.


  1. Just as we have two popes. One pope is for the true Church and another one run the counterfeit church. We have two Sister Lucia, one is the true seer of Our Lady and other one is a liar, and she is for the counterfeit church. People need to make up their minds, fight or flight. We can't mingled or reasonable with the seeds of Satan. The AntiChrist is here, and he sits in the chair of St. Peter which is not designed for him.

    PRAY A GREAT DEAL FOR POPE BENEDICT XVI. LET HE HAS COURAGE TO WITHDRAW HIS HERETICS AND DEFEND THE FAITH. He is actually in the prison "house arrest" by the fake church. Where are you the Crusaders?


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