"Changing Only One Word." Good First Step.........Novus Ordo minister's Baptisms Acknowledged to be Invalid. Meaning ALL OTHER SACRAMENTS ARE ALSO. Maybe the Entire Invalid Sacramental Edifice of the Novus Ordo will Begin to Unravel?




  1. He was told or taught to do so even before he was ordained as a priest. The man is not capable to invented such a new formula of the baptism. That's to show you people how corrupted and disorderly in the New World Order religion of the Vatican II. I told you, that's a pseudo catholic church. That's a NEW RELIGION OF THE ANTICHRIST. Why don't you Catholics questioning everything first before you swallowed everything down?

    Now, come to other sacraments, I believe they have been changed the words and had became invalid. Accept the Matrimony. I never attended any wedding in their Novus Ordo, so I don't know what they said in that ceremony to tell you valid or not.

    But other sacraments, I am quite sure they had changed. How do I know those sacraments are invalid? Again, I am an old fashion Catholic, a pure traditional, I use the rule Christ teaches "Look at the fruit to know the tree." I know a young priest he claims that he can perform "miracles" cast out the devils/demons, cure the sick, convert the sinners... etc. A few months later, look like the devils and demons that he claimed he casted out, were resided in him.

    The Vatican II is a "den of thieves, liars, and murders..." They ruined others and themselves.

    Pray a great deal for Pope Benedict XVI, he needs to make a decision now before the tribulation, 3/4 of humanity will be lost and thrown to hell because of the shepherds fail to do their jobs.

    1. Benedict XVI was the fifth in a series of antipopes beginning with John XXIII. The more than adequate evidence for this is at www.whitesmoke1958.com, and re- Benedict in particular, see www.novusordowatch.org/benedict-xvi/

      The invalidity of priestly and episcopal orders in the Vatican II "counterfeit church of darkness" (Venerable Anne Catherine Emmerich's prophesy) can be clearly perceived in the new "episcopal consecration rite" imposed on the Church by the homosexual antipope Paul VI in 1968: https://novusordowatch.org/2018/06/unholy-orders-50-years-invalid-ordinations

      And if any readers don't yet know Paul VI was an unchaste homosexual, see
      www.traditioninaction.org/ProgressivistDoc/A_094_MontiniHomo.html (and 2 other related short articles there)

      His mother was also an apparently falsely converted Jew, if the occult Jewish/Masonic symbols on her tombstone are any indication. They can be seen on Google images and elsewhere.

      Like the saying goes, truth is often stranger than fiction. But these unpleasant truths have been long-prophesied.

  2. Change one word and the Sacrament is NOT conferred -- e.g. change the word in the consecration from "many" to "all" and there is NO TRANSUBSTANTIATION.
    It is said that the New Ordination Rite is invalid as well as the New Consecration Rite for a Bishop.
    The Blessing of the sick is NOT the same as the Extreme Unction or Last Sacrament.


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