Brother Bugnolo from Rome Affirms the Findings of Sister Lucy Truth. How long before we penetrate the Vatican Modernist Citadel? How is that Reign of Peace After the Consecration of Russia Going for You? The Fake Sister Lucy Lied.



  1. Br. Bugnolo is on target on many matters, but he is mistaken on one very critical matter. The “Benedict is still pope” idea that he ascribes to is an intentional part of the complex diabolical deceit by the Judeo-Masonic controllers of the visible structures of the Church and of the world. The papacy was actually usurped when Cardinal Siri was threatened (likely a nuclear threat) into invalidly abdicating after being elected 2 days before John XXIII appeared before the world to the gushing acclaim of the international media, as well as of Jewish and Masonic organizations. Hence the unprecedented revolution in the Church at the same time as the revolution in the culture at large. gives a more than adequate explanation of what happened, as well as the evidence for a nuclear threat (see “Grave Reasons of State”) and the many approved prophesies foretelling the Great Apostasy and “Eclipse of the Church” as a punishment from God for the sins of Catholics, especially the clergy. The one true Church still exists as a faithful “remnant” maintaining all the pre-Vatican II beliefs, liturgy, sacraments, etc.

    Whether Siri/Gregory XVII secretly appointed a successor and he did likewise, etc., there is no way to know, but God will provide a valid successor of St Peter in some way. Venerable Anne Catherine Emmerich prophesied that Sts. Peter and Paul will appear in Rome to the astonishment of all and appoint a valid pope after a long period with the Chair of Peter being held by false popes.

    1. Be careful, as some prophecies may be questionable, mis- attributed or some mystics may have been mis-taken due to the technology of the time, and may not happen exactly as stated or were mis-translated.

    2. Papal conclaves are held in strict secrecy and only by the eligible electors.


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