Belarus's Entrance into War indicates that World War III Could Already be in Its Initial Stages. Would American Forces and European Forces Feel Free to Attack the "White Russians"? What does Russia putting its Nuclear Forces on High Alert Mean for the World? Face it. The Imposter Sister Lucy was a Liar. This Isn't the Reign of Peace.


  1. If the thief and robber fake "pope John XXIII" (they stole the seat from Siri twice with John XXIII and Paul VI) and their Cabals lurked inside the Conciliar Church revealed the THIRD SECRET, the WW3 would not formed and Russia would not succeed their evil expansion.

    The Catholic Prophecies are now more than ever be so cleared to the arrogant, pride, and stupid leaders of the church and of the world both side East and West. Remember I told you, both sides are being controlled by the Jewish Banker Cartel. (60 - 80 families run the world with their father Satan helping hands. Around the world they have about 6666 family controlled all assets of this planet).

    The key element that in the THIRD SECRET is about MARY and RUSSIA. The secret reveal WW3 triggered by Moscow and Kyiv and "the WW3 broke out from Kyiv, keep the eyes on the sky" these are the words that late Fr. Martin Malachi often reminded his closed friends and to public on Coast to Coast Radio with Art Bell. Also in many interviews with Bernard Janzen. (check it out, if you don't believe me).

    There is a woman name Suzanne Pearson, a friend, a spiritual child of Fr. Malachi had done a great job summarize a lot of things he said in her talks. You can find it now still under Fatima Center (Fr. Gruner) or Google it and listen for yourself. She has about 12 videos that I know of so far. I know her work, you can trust her.

    All the secrets and hints that Fr. Malachi revealed to the world and the church was so clear but this stupid world has lost the faith. Thus, they don't receive graces or blessings to know anything that helping their souls no more. Spiritual chastisement happened when people denied, rejected God.

    Now is the time to pray as of you are dying for tomorrow or next week, next month you don't even know what will be happening. The WW3 and the sides effects will wipe of nations and continents instantly. This world will be ruined with all that residues left from nuclear-weaponry, supersonic-bio-germ-tesla waves, and 3/4 or more human, plants, animals will die out and/or deformity and die out, babies born like zombies-creatures because of these electromagnetic dust/waves/particles that can't wipe away. I know it because I was research about that way back in 1970-1980 for just curiosity.

    When spiritually die out, the graces and blessings stop be given and as a result, the world plunged into it death. That's exactly we are right now. The Secrets of Fatima was given to the Church with a condition "EITHER, OR".

    The REAL SISTER LUCIA and Fr. Malachi said, "Our Lady and God wanted the world to know the secret by 1960, because it will be clearer." (In 1960, Russia created a weapon that can eliminate all people on this planet in one shot. But John XXIII (communist and modernist) refused to obey God and His Mother. So bis, we are now "living in the OR" condition.

  2. I've been rereading Frere Michel, volume 3. I surmise that WWII never ended. We are still in WWII.

    1. I don't recall exactly Pope Pius XII or Pius X who said "This is a Great War..." and yes, the WWII have not ended as they wish... so WWIII is a continue "unfinish business." Pray that Our Lady intervene quickly, otherwise, nobody will be able to live aftermath, no. It will be better die than live aftermath. That's why in Akita, Our Lady said "the living will envy the death." The sins of the Freemasonry-Trojan Horses popes just killed 7 billions souls by their disobeying the Mother of God. WW3 and 3 Days of Darkness will take 75% to 90% humanity. The side effects/residues after the war is far more deadly than the war itself.

      I heard lately, Pope Benedict XVI mourned about the "Fatima Prophecies has not fulfilled yet." I heard that he was thinking about consecrate Russia but the bishops rejected, resented, and laughed at him and they quickly kicked him off by a fake resignation and put him in "house arrest" in an apartment with a guard. He is in prison by Francis and minions. Anyone dares to rescue him? He needs our prayers so much and he needs graces to withdraw his heresies and come out spill the beans on the Third Secret of Fatima, the Fake Sister Lucia, the Jewish Banker Cartel control the church and the world, and the headquarter of Satan is Israel. Just spit all secret out, let it out and even with a martyr dead. I would rather to see him win over all enemy with one truth. The truth is one and stand alone with great power. The truth defends itself.

    2. I do not think that this will be World War lll, but they are trying to set the stage for something. May be a future distraction.


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