The SHADOW Vatican: Fatima, Sister Lucy COVERUP, Eisenhower-Pope & N.W.O



    1. Pius XII, as very few people know, read the Third Secret of Fatima on May 13, 1957 in the company of specially chosen cardinals, including the American Cardinal Stritch, and part of its contents, relating to the loss of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and more, is revealed in this short segment from a very important series of interviews with the premier researcher into the vitiated 1958 papal conclave:

  2. The moment you see J23 and P6 as the 2 worm ridden popes of La Sallette it is a key to seeing clearly!

  3. Yes, she was poisoned even before the last interview with Father Fuentes. After that, all the writings of Father Fuentes was also seized, "disappeared" and he was being silenced until his death. The faggot Jewish Cabal fake pope Paul VI killed her and replaced her with a fake comical pseudo sister "lunatic Lucia"... They bought in a clown to cover up their crimes. Only stupid Catholics should believe them.

  4. Has anybody researched what happened to Sr Lucy from her convent? Did she die there or was she abducted or moved and died elsewhere? There must be a record of her demise somewhere. God Bless.

  5. I have written extensively on the subject of 'aliens'. See It all centres around the Book of Enoch and the Watchers.

  6. Aliens and UFO's are secret government operations and vehicles to decieve people. They are man-made, with help from demons, to decieve people.


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