Ratzinger's Protestant Definition of the Priesthood. The Fraud Perpetrated by this Man for 60 years is Mind-blowing. I Guess if You Only See Externals, You Will Fall for his Neo-Modernism.

A Lutheran "Lord's Supper." Look familiar?
Game: Find the Catholic Priesthood in anything said below by Cardinal Ratzinger in God and the World
"Well, first of all, the Catholic priest is there in response to the mission of Jesus Christ, in the authoritative pattern of the apostles. So he is not the figure of the priesthood as seen in the general history of religions [as a sacrificer of actual flesh and blood?]. The standard for this class, if we may call it that, derives from the figure of the apostle, as created by Christ. Christ gives him [the "Catholic priest"] the task of proclaiming his Word, proclaiming himself, proclaiming the promise he has given us [this is the fundamental task of the "priest"]. And within the framework of this proclamation [while being a simple proclaimer of the "word"], which is always a task of love, of building up the Body of Christ [but not giving it to the faithful!], of service to the poor [but not a sacramental service], the proclamation of his death, which we call the Eucharist [as did Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Pastor Bob at Mountain View Bible Chapel], and which is a sacrament, is central."

Excuse me Mike Matt, what about the "Glorious reign of Pope Benedict"? I think we need to read.


  1. For over 7 decades, those Modernists have turned the church upside down and still after 70 years, still traditional Catholics followed them and believed them. Unbelievable, why when it comes to the spiritual welfare, everybody becomes stupid. But if you talk about lust, sex, boos, drugs, money... Everybody understands immediately?

    Jesus will not grant this wicked world any more "mercy" for they do not deserve it. He will chastise them accordingly to their deeds. For God will not be mocked any longer. The first one He will chastise is the Catholic-popes, Catholic-bishops, Catholic-priests, all religious orders and the lay people.

    Why? You have been given much and you have returned nothing to Him, the Creator. So bis, you are worthless eaters = scumbags. You ignored God, insulted His Mother for 105 years and still going on right now. They will not escape the fire of hell.

    Modernist, Satanists, Atheists, Zionists, Globalists, Feminists, Communists, ... and so on are one and the same. All come from the Jewish religion of Satan. Their 37 Talmudic books proved it loud and clear. By their fruit you ought to know their tree. Jesus has condemned and cursed on their faces: "No, you don't have God as your father. Your father is Satan..." Need to say some more?

  2. Joe Ratzinger with 13 rabbis on his mother's side. Enough said.

    1. Jesus Christ with how many rabbis on his Mother's side? Enough said.

    2. The fraud perpetrated by you sedevacantists for 60 years is mind-blowing....


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