Ratzinger Also Knew Something Else and He Covered It Up Officially for 30 Years...........Hello! CNN?



  1. Yes, he knew a lot of things and probably was the one who were involved in the hidden of the Fatima Message for over a century long. He was an "advisor" for those fake Jewish-Trojan Horses and Communist-popes in the Vatican II.

    He had read the 3rd secrets of Fatima. He is the right hand of Freemasons-communist John XXIII, the Anti-Christ and a faggot-Jews Paul VI, the double-liar-agent of the Cabals club John Paul II... He is probably the one who involved in the "fake sister Lucia" episode I think.

    He is A JEW himself. He is a hardcore downright MODERNIST, a stupid scholar of the NWO-Synagogue of Satan. He knew about pedophiles, sodomites, and rapists inside his "Synagogue of Satan-Vatican II liars-church".

    He knew those guys are faggots way back in seminaries. He knew the Jewish Talmudic teach and support all perverted sexual such as incest, molest, homosexual, abortion, and satanic sacrifices of bodies and blood of the victims and then eating the offering too.

    He knew he is a seed of Satan and can't be changed. All Jews are guilty to the Fires of Hell for they KNEW and KEPT on their Satanic root.

    They pretended to be Catholics to destroy Catholic Church/Catholic Faith. They are never to be trusted. Look at the funeral rituals of the faggot-Jew-Paul VI and John Paul II. Did you see any sign of Catholic or pure Synagogue of Satan?!

    Why? So why you Catholics people are so stupid and so cowardice to stand up for the TRUE JESUS CHRIST? WHO IS YOUR GOD? They have taken over the Church and destroyed the church to the very foundation that Christ laid for us. And still nobody dares to rise up and called them out and took them out by the necks?

    Why are you, the whole world afraid of the Jews/Israel and their Jewish Banker Cartel? Didn't you know Rothschild and the Jews deceived England/West? To go steal, a stolen the land in Middle East to make their "Greater Israel Project?" And used Americans as their "soldiers-body-shields?" They are pushing the whole world into wars and pandemic, genocide, and hunger so that they can have their own land, their own "Messiah," and their own kingdom of darkness?

    The whole thing is a battle between Satan and Jesus Christ. Satan has his seeds = the Jews and Christ has who? Are we for Jesus Christ or not?

  2. I've asked this question before but how do you know this secret was passed down from Paul VI's time?Surely a scientific investigation should stick only to what has been established while researching for further evidence?

    1. Obviously, you are never truly be a real Catholic. If you do. You ought to know all the turmoil and scandals have been happened in the church especially under the Vatican II counterfeit church. Your ignorance is your sin. You should be responsible for your own problem. Other people can help you, remind you, but you should be the one who do the RESEARCH FOR YOUR OWN GOOD. Nobody can eat for you. Nobody can learn for you. Nobody can open your eyes for you. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR IGNORANCE. If you are under 21 years old, I forgive you. But, if you are over 55, I hold you accountable for your lack of knowledge. Especially, the knowledge that benefit for your souls and your family sake. You lost the time in stupid worldly things instead of the important things.

    2. For heaven's sake FM, I accept there is a fake lucy. These are secondary questions I'm raising about who knew what when and how they found out. Don't be so quick to judge people with your garbled and poorly written posts.

  3. A good expose' of Ratzinger is at www.novusordowatch.org/benedict-xvi/
    Also the video at www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uFeMMt-zFY

    Fr Luigi Villa was given a "mission" by Padre Pio in the 1950s to expose and fight against ecclesiastical Freemasonry, and was even given a unique Papal Mandate to do so by Pius XII. He survived 7 attempts on his life in the process of fulfilling this special mission. Reading his amazing bio is a good place to start:
    www.chiesaviva.com/donluigivilla%20ing.pdf (64 pages; error p. 8: read "Impostor Sr Lucia of Fatima")
    His research on antipopes John XXIII thru Benedict XVI is also there, although he doesn't call them "antipope."

  4. If we actually knew everything he did know and covered up, it would probably make us physically ill. Sadly.

  5. It is absurd to believe that John Paul II did not know that this was an imposter. The man was an educated, European ecclesiastic. He would have heard of the imposter or immediately seen that she was an imposter. The obvious can be accepted while we look for what is not obvious.

    1. Oh, they have known it from the beginning of their plan. They decided the only way to success was to eliminated the true Sister Lucia, because they are all in bed together.

    2. Let's just follow that logic a bit good Doctor! Are you saying that *every* educated European ecclesiastic would have known then? That is nearly the entire episcopate at the time? I'm am thinking instead it would have been a pretty closely guarded secret and everyone back then had the same disadvantage of lack of internet etc. If you are saying he found out upon becoming Pope I'd agree that is more likely .

    3. They were and are in bed together, regardless of what may have happened to Sr. Lucia.


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