New Archive on Masonry Unveiled in Poland. It was put together by the anti-Masonic National Socialists in their War Against Freemasonry. This article also speaks about the Communists Opposition to Masonry. Let me think....Who were the Powers in World War II Supportive of Masonry? Anything about Portugal in there? Churchill, Roosevelt, Truman, and Eisenhower Call Your Office!


  1. Father Denis Fehey wrote several books on the subject of bolshevik revolution and the people who were behind it, Rulers of Russia is one that comes to mind. He revealed the power behind the revolution was largely jewish. In Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution by Antony Sutton it is illustrated with great detail how the west financed Trotsky, Lenin and the revolution generally through the banks and major industrialists. It is difficult to believe that communists hated masonry when you understand the origins of masonry and the origins of communism.

    1. Fr Denis Fahey was one of the pre-Vatican II brighter lights who wrote on the Social Reign of Christ and the anti-Christian forces of Naturalism embodied in Judeo-Masonry. I found two of his important works online:
      The Kingship of Christ and Organized Naturalism and The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation:

      (Just one criticism: Fr Fahey wasn't aware, apparently, of the lies told in favor of the Allies in WWII and against Germany.)

      Before the early 20th Century, popes, bishops and priests condemned not just Freemasonry but Judeo-Masonry, since the Jewish and Masonic powers are aligned in their revolutionary and diabolical goals. In fact Freemasonry is largely a product of Talmudic Judaism, and under its control. See Part 2 of The Plot Against the Church by "Maurice Pinay":

      One will learn a great deal from the other chapters as well. As one reviewer wrote: "Too few people understand how historically significant this book really is. 'Maurice Pinay' was the pseudonym of 12 conservative members of the college of cardinals who were opposed to the foreseen planned hijacking of Vatican II. The Plot Against the Church was their attempt to expose the real historical context of Vatican II. In doing so, it tells the tale of history as Europe's native clerical elite has perceived it-- a tale that's been all but lost. Though these cardinals' goals were frustrated, their book is still a fantastic catalog of Lost History. For this reason, The Plot Against the Church is one of the most immensely important books of our time. The scholarship is also very commendable, especially since the cited works are usually excellent historical sources written in languages other than English (Spanish, Italian, French, German, Russian) so you don't see them cited much in English-language books dealing with the same subjects."

  2. Maybe they saw the Masons as competitors rather than enemies. Masons and Communists and National Socialists had the Catholic Church in their sights as an enemy, and yet, they were vicious competitors with each other. There is no contradiction here. We have to make basic distinctions in order to clearly understand historical context.

    1. Masons and Communists had the Catholic Church in their sights as an enemy, and yet, but since they are both creations of and controlled by international Judaism, they were/are not vicious competitors with each other. And the only reason the Catholic Church was persecuted under National Socialism was because, under the influence of false intel and propaganda, the Church hierarchy favored the evil Allies, which means it inadvertently favored international Judaism/Communism. And guess who was Time Magazine Man of the Year in 1942? Josef Stalin!

      See The Bad War (banned by Amazon, usually a good truth indicator) as well as articles on the period at


  4. Have you ever heard the name Satan, Lucifer, and Baal??????!!!!!!! Have you ever read the condemnation of Communism, Socialism, and the Freemasonry by many Holy Saints-Popes?
    Forget about the Holy Saintly Popes. Let go straight to Jesus Christ and His Holy Blessed Mother.

    All evils, all heretics, all perverted, all blasphemous come from one root/race: the Jews, the Synagogue of Satan. Read their 37 Talmudic Books to see who they are and what seed that they come from.

    Do you think Satan, Lucifer, and Baal are competitors? You people have lost the Faith and become the cesspool of stupidity.


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