January 18th, Feast of the Chair of St. Peter in Rome the Touchstone of Certainty Concerning the Answers to the Greatest Questions of Human Life. If Anyone Says Anything Else, They are Liars and Heretics.



    But, today ask yourself, was anyone still at this very day doubted Her Words???!!!.

    Yes, the whole church, popes, bishops, cardinals, priests, brothers, nuns, and the so called "Catholics" have been doubted, hatred, resented and disputed Her Words and called Her a "liar"...

    "No, Nobody dares to call the Mother of God a liar." Yes, they do, 99% of them do.

    Because if they believed Her, they have over a century to be prepared and uprooted all the faggots, Jews, Communists, Apostates, Freemasons, pedophiles, NWO-Luciferians, sodomites,... and the Trojan Horses that lurked inside the church.

    They have over a century to form a "Disciples of Latter Day" = (Crusaders of the End Time) and those men should have been eradicated all the enemies from within. Yes, those men should have done the fight and eliminated all the enemies, a long long long time ago.

    They called Jesus Christ and His Mother are "LIARS" by their words, their actions, their wills, and their mingled-plans with the Synagogue of Satan over centuries. "But, but... look here, don't be harshen on us, nobody told us anything..." Yes, we did.

    Liars, You have been told from day one to this present day. You have been warned over and over and you have rejected, killed, and imprisoned all God's messengers. You killed God, you insulted His Mother, you destroyed His Holy Catholic Church, and you persecuted all His people. You slaughtered and ate the sheep alive. Their blood are stained still on your faces, your tongues, and your hands.


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