It is clear why this man cannot be called an orthodox Catholic, but how can he be called a "traditionalist"? More from "God and Man."

Another quotation from Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger's God and the World : "I would really say that just as the Liturgical Movement that led to the Second Vatican Council was something that grew slowly --- and that they very quickly became a flood --- so here, too, it is a matter of an impulse emanating from people who celebrate a living faith [Not pure unadulterated Modernism?]....If out of this a kind of movement develops from within and is not simply imposed from above, then it will come. [Peter Seewald asks, "Should Masses be said in Latin again?] That is no longer going to be possible as a general practice and perhaps it is not desirable as such [emphasis mine]. At least it is clear, I would say, that the Liturgy of the Word should be in peoples' mother tongue. But otherwise, I would be in favor of a new openness toward the use of Latin [Notice, there is no reference to the use of a tradition, pre-Vatican II liturgy, just "Latin"].


  1. When Catholics become lukewarm, disobedient to God's Divine Law. God gave them bad shepherds, bad leaders, bad families, bad children, bad parents, bad teachers... all rotten bad fruits. They want to do "our things, as our ways." So bis, do your own thing as your own effort and die in sins.

    The reason why the church and the world come to this point is because the SINS OF THE PEOPLE. Abortions, Contraception's (Nature or pills or whatever to forbit the conceived of a child that God intent to be is SIN and just as great as abortion). When Catholics become lush, lazy, stupid, and traitors and do "lip-services" to God. God left them alone with their stupidity.

    Benedict XVI is a Jew and a Modernist right on when he was still in Highschool. Jews never accepted Catholic Teachings. They infiltrated the Church so they can turn the church to their NWO-Luciferians religion. All of those guys are Freemasons/Modernists and Satanists = APOSTATES. The only one wasn't that they killed him in 33 days is John Paul I... The rest of them are NON-CATHOLICS.

    Our Lord's Church has been hijacked and I heard silenced from all bishops, and priests world-wide. Just as when they killed Him, all of His Disciples run and hide. What a cowardice worthless scumbag-disciples of the latter day?

    You all deserve to be eradicated. God will eliminate you all to set an example for the world to see.
    Our Lady said "they become cesspool..." What a shameful and you people call them "popes", "bishops, priests..." No I call them the sewage s*** of the human race.

  2. Yes, the Synagogue of Satin is pleased with BXVI. Well done faithful Modernist. Could BXVI be one of the two Worm Riden Popes mentioned by Our Lady of La Salette?

    Our Lady... "...only I can help!"
    Triumph She Will!
    Deo Gratias!


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