Irmã Lúcia: um mistério dentro de outro mistério - Parte 3. Turn on the English Subtitles and Enjoy the News About the Ongoing Investigation. The Message of Sister Lucy Truth is Fully Saturating the Portuguese-Speaking World!


  1. There you have it. The "two worm-ridden popes" She told the Church ahead of time and they still didn't catch them in time. All the churchmen and her shepherds are guilty because they have neglected their duties and responsibilities. They supposed to be the "watchers-men, the safeguards of the Church" but they become a cesspool of impurity and lust of money and power that the Anti-Christ gave them. They have drunk the blood of martyrs. They filled the cup of anger and they are now brought down the Chastisement to her and the whole world. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE CHASTISED WITH THEM, GET OUT OF THEIR FAKE RELIGION. VATICAN II CONCILIAR IS NOT A CATHOLIC-CHURCH. YOU MUST RESIST THEM STRONGLY AS THE SAME TIME KEEP THE CATHOLIC FAITH. SAY ROSARY DAILY AND MAKE REPARATION TO BOTH HEARTS. GO TO TRADITIONAL MASS. FIGHT OR DIE, YOU HAVE NO PART OF HEAVEN TO BE COWARD.


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