We Launch a New Website, Sister Lucy Truth Film. We want a film a powerful and informative as JFK by Oliver Stone. Without the Swearing Though --- except on the part of the Imposter Sister Lucy!

Dan Brown? The woman who, at the age of 10, predicted the greatest public miracle in1,900 years was "disappeared," in one way or another, by forces that would have had to have the go-ahead from the Vatican. I am sorry, but, what is not exciting and newsworthy here?



  1. You are so closed to get them. God bless you and keep on hamming on their heads. "She will crush your heads" and you are one of Her instrument that She uses to crush their heads. Their crimes must be exposed and the pseudo-cafeteria-katholics must wake up fast. Their Mass and their Church included all their NWO fake clergies/faggots and lesbians/rapists and pedophiles need to be sacked, removed, executed for their crimes. They hid in the safe heaven inside the Catholic Church to fool the whole world and the naïve ignorance lukewarm Catholics who let their guard down. They have deceived so many, so many people even to the "elects".

  2. http://www.unitypublishing.com/Newsletter/GibsonLucia.htm

  3. Do you know that Minds does not allow this site to be posted because it is spam?

  4. The sisterlucyfilm link is what they said was spam.


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