The Murder of King George V, 1936. Could this same kind of Overdose on Morphine and Cocaine have been Done to Pope Pius XII? Could it Have Been An Easy Way to Get Rid of Sister Lucy?

Dr. Chojnowski: I certainly do not agree with the speaker's general liberal bent, but his presentation of the clear evidence for the murder of King George V, at such a critical time in the history of the British Empire and the World, is very compelling. I, however, cannot but believe that there was more politics to this murder than the simple wish of David, Prince of Wales to be King so that he could marry Wallis Simpson. Surely, there was high-level geo-politics involved. 
The pictures of Princess Elizabeth with King George and Queen Mary are fascinating in light of her continued life on the throne. 
Moral of the Story, Watch Who Your Doctor is! Please comment as to what you know about the physician attending Pope Pius XII in 1958 and, also, concerning the doctor of Sister Lucy who was replaced, according to our information, in 1958.


  1. Watched that documentary a few days ago ,quite chilling ,since the King was not terminally ill ,so it was in no way a mercy killing.Its hard to believe that the doctor in question acted on his own initiative.Its also interesting how this doctor's career progressed .I read a book about Pope Pius X11 ,his doctor behaved disgracefully ,taking photographs of the dying Pope and selling them to newspapers ,he was practically abandoned by the Vatican only Mother Pascalina stood by him .It was quite disturbing ,she describes going to the Vatican to get fresh linen ,she had to get a taxi back to Castle Gandolfo ,they would not even provide her transport .

  2. Many ways to kill a person, depend on how do you want to leave a trait or not. Definitely, they have killed many popes and prophets, stigmatists and mystics that they feel could be harmful to their plans. You can slowly poisonous a person and let he/she be sick for years and when he/she died nobody will suspicious of any fool-play because he/she was sick for a long time, right? What a convenient in the case of Sister Lucia (real one) and the case of Pius XI, Pius XII. But John Paul I must be immediately died, so they forced heavy dose in his throat and his body was not biopsy or investigated but burnt up the evidence. Those guys are not Catholics and not shepherds, the NO need to wake the hell up. The Catholic Church was hijacked, stolen, infiltrated, manipulated, controlled and destroyed from within by the KGB, MOSSAD, CIA, MI6, ZIONISTS OF THE NWO. The Freemasons/Luciferians of the Jewish Kabbalah and Israel had entered Christ the King's church and they had destroyed His Kingdom here on earth as they had killed him 2000 years ago. "This world is mine"--they claimed and "we will not share with you..."


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