The Masonic Connections of Napoleon Bonaparte. How he came to embody the Masonic French Revolution that transformed Europe and Overthrew the Holy Roman Empire.


  1. MILES MATHIS "UPDATES" did a fabulous job unraveling the genealogy of NAPOLEON and decoding THE FRENCH REVOLUTION engineered by fake Cardinal Lomenie de Brienne, Brienne being the site of Napoleon's military academy. Royal inbred Phoenician Venetian City-of-London AMORITES, money lover Semites but not Jews, who hate God and, as gnostics, like Freemasons, Hindus, Lutheran Rosicrucians, and Mormons, are lukewarm defenders or else do and say the opposite of all God says about His will and His nature. See the Pecorelli List of Vatican Feemasons.
    Blessed Virgin Mary, pierced with a sword of sorrow that the thoughts of fall hearts may be revealed, victorious Immaculate Heart, expose all hidden thoughts, cleansing all thoughts in the fire of love that is the most Sacred Heart of your divine Son, Jesus Christ. AMEN


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