The Man who Co-opted Tolkien, Chesterton, and Belloc into the Novus Ordo Cosmos, now would have us believe that Josef Ratzinger is a Great Defender of the Faith. Another Deceiver of the Innocent Pseudo-Trads Reveals His True Modernist Stripes.

"I feel in Benedict’s presence what G. K. Chesterton felt in the presence of the saintly Dominican, Vincent McNabb. Chesterton wrote that “Father McNabb is walking on a crystal floor over my head”. I feel at least as strongly that Pope Benedict is walking on a crystal floor over my head, not only in terms of his sanctity but in terms of his wisdom and his scholarship. How can one hope to encapsulate someone who is so much larger and higher than oneself?"

This is just one paragraph from Joseph Pearce's latest text in which he purposes the arch modernist, Josef Ratzinger to be a great "Defender of the Faith." My question, which one?


  1. Josef Ratzinger/Benedict XVI will be remembered by true Catholics who have not abandoned tradition as one of the most resolute and deceptive betrayers of the Faith in the Church’s long history, masquerading behind the cloak of promoting liturgical tradition.

    I think Ratzinger may possibly have felt he couldn't go on with the whole charade of the V2 anti-church any longer without telling someone what he knew. He told a close priest friend, Fr Ingo Dollinger that the Third Secret of Fatima included the foretelling of "a bad council and a bad mass":

    Few Catholics know that Pius XII read the Third Secret on May 13, 1957, in the company of various specially chosen Cardinals, one of them the American Cardinal Samuel Stritch. Some very important information on Pius XII's reaction after reading it (he supposedly wept bitterly), as well as some of its contents (although not the exact words, at least the soon to come "bad Mass" , can be heard in this 3 min. 40 sec segment from an important series of interviews:

    1. Your link is a false link. I can't link to anything. Give the real information, not hoax and hope that we believe you. Josef Ratzinger or Benedict XVI is a modernist, a heretic, a stubborn idiot "professor" that poisoned many young priests and bishops into the new religion of the NWO which is the Synagogue of Satan. He ain't a Catholic rest for sure. The third secret of Fatima has more than 100 persons read it. We know what was saying and we know which one is authentic and which one those Freemasons/Modernists wrote.

    2. Sorry, the link was pasted twice, as one can see. It's

      Re- the 1Peter5 article, all I meant to say is that even a Modernist heretic (and probably worse) like Ratzinger may feel the need to unburden his guilty conscience to someone sometimes, as it seems that he did to his friend Fr Dollinger.


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