It is Criminality of the Highest Order that We Must Charge Against the Occupiers of the Vatican. Charging Him with Mere "Liberalism" is Not Enough. Francis and his Cohort Have Spent the Last 60 years Stealing Our Holy Faith and Religion. Their Elimination of Sister Lucy is Just a Very Concrete and Empirically Verifiable Example of That.

Again we must post a section from Cardinal Bergoglio's book On Heaven and Earth dealing with how Jorge Bergoglio understands "religion". However, first, let us consider this statement, from the same text, that in which he defines what a "believer" is: "A believer is essentially someone who goes into an encounter with other believers or non-believers, to give them a hand" (p. 21). What does this have to do with adhering with your mind and heart to the truths revealed by God through the Catholic Church and taught by all the Roman Pontiffs? Why does Francis' definition of a "believer" have nothing to do with belief

Now to my quotation. This is found on page 19 of the same book. It reads, "God makes Himself felt in the heart of each person. He also respects the culture of all people. Each nation picks up that vision of God and translates it in accordance with the culture and elaborates, purifies and gives it a system. Some culture are primitive in their explanations, but God is open to all peoples. He calls everyone. He moves everyone to seek Him and to discover Him through creation. In our case, that of Judaism and Christianity, we have a personal revelation. God Himself encounters us; He reveals Himself to us. He shows us the way and He accompanies us; He tells us His name, He guides us through the prophets. Christians believe, ultimately, that He manifested Himself to us and gave Himself to us through Jesus Christ. Moreover, throughout history, there have existed circumstances that created schisms and constructed diverse communities that have different ways of living Christianity, like the Reformation. We lived through a thirty year war and it shaped different faiths. It is very hard to accept and it was a disgraceful time, but that is the reality." 

So there it is. A picture perfect example of Modernism that has always held religion, even the Catholic religion, to be nothing but an internal struggle for the Absolute that becomes externally objectified in a religion with doctrines that change as the consciousness of the people of the religion changes. There is no absolute truth or revealed religion that has been handed down since Christ and the Holy Ghost gave it to the Apostles. The entirety of Catholic history and tradition is rejected in this one page Modernist critique of religion. The entire history of the Church in which doctrines were taught, attacked, upheld by the Magisterial Authority, and attacked again by other groups of deviant heretics is rejected. The idea that the Church's task is to hand down the teachings that it has received and to surround those doctrines with the ceremonial and liturgical life and actions of the Church, is, clearly, totally foreign to Francis and, indeed, irritates him to no small degree. Practical encounters with others, rather than adhering to specific doctrines and worshipping in a way pleasing to God, is "religion" for this man. You also see him develop here the teachings of Vatican II, which has it that all "Christians" are members of Church; schism and heresy meaning nothing to him. The organization that he claims to preside over is only an historical expression of a certain brand of Christianity that "split" from others during the Reformation period. It is not the only Church established by Jesus Christ that has sole claim to be His Immaculate Bride. The bizarre secularism and existential leftism of Bergoglio totally rejects and seeks to abandon the very purpose of the Church, which is to safeguard for all generations the teachings and the true worship taught by Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost until the end of time. How can such an obtuseness to the very purpose of the Catholic Church be had by a real son of the Church? This man, and the Modernist cohort of the last 63 years that has taken over the institutional organization of the Catholic Church, have to be understood to be criminals of the highest order. Not wonky old hippies and failed actors, but real criminals who would steal from the world its greatest treasures, the true faith --- without which no man can please God, the true worship -- made perfect and codified as such by Pope St. Pius V, and the very Barque of Peter itself --- outside of which there is no salvation. And then there is what they did to Sister Lucy dos Santos of


  1. "But I had to be careful that my hatred did not appear in my writings." AA1025

    +Francis no longer has to be careful!

    "I consoled myself by hoping that we would surely succeed in making him" (the pope) "look foolish." AA1025

    In +Francis, that has been accomplished!

  2. I think focusing on the scandalous Bergoglio is not nearly as important and conducive to the cause of spreading the truth about the usurpation of the Church's visible structures, including the papacy, as focusing on his predecessors who also sullied the holy chair of St Peter, beginning with Angelo Roncalli, a Freemason, Religious Modernist, friend of Communists and who knows what else. He, the "chosen candidate" of the enemies of Christ, who appeared before the world to the gushing acclaim of the Jewish international media and Freemasonic organizations, two days after Cardinal Giuseppe Siri was validly elected (5 minutes of white smoke, crowds cheering, Vatican Radio announcing, "There can be no doubt! A pope has been elected!") and then threatened into invalid abdication, most likely by a nuclear threat, as the article "Grave Reasons of State" documents, including Freedom of Information Act information not to be seen anywhere else.

  3. Catholics have lost their Faith and nothing left but all APOSTASY. Because if they are still believed there should be warriors of crusade movement rose up eliminate Deep Church and Deep State simultaneously. But we see nothing only a handful of people who cry in the wilderness.


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