As A Former Lecturer at Fordham Myself, I Can Say that This is Just Insane. Not as Bad though as When the Jesuit President of the University, Who I Worked for, Said to His Class, "Don't We All Have to Be Atheists in Some Way?"

But then again, you only make $2,000 per class per semester anyways as an adjunct. Pure Jesuit exploitation of their work force! No benefits, no job security, and you had better remember the names of your 100 plus students per semester --- ESPECIALLY IF THEY COME IN LATE FOR CLASS!


  1. Education today of this world is not worth to be called "education" but all tricks and brainwashed and indoctrinated people to the darkside rebellious against God and hatred to humanity.. Parents sent their youngsters to college/university hopefully they will get educated as they need to become good men, good women for the society and for their own souls. But they turned out to be the devils worse than if they would never went to school anyway. The good old day like St. Don Bosco, St. Cure d' Ars were gone. God sent the worst "punishment" to all mankind by let you have scumbags as your leaders, teachers, kings and queens. Repent and convert is the only way out for mankind. Hit the Rosary, double, triple and everyday. Time is running out. God will not be calmed with this wicked world forever. "Come back to Me and I will restore in My order, not your"...

  2. Just saw your interview with Quinton the other day. Pretty interesting stuff. Look forward to more :)


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