A False Sister Lucia- Presentation by Professor Carlos Bezerra from Brazil, with Excellent English Subtitles!


  1. I don't know this language, I could not watch more than 3 minutes and have to turn it off. Is there someone who could translate to English for us? After many decades and the world is about to burn down, now, some Catholics begin to questioning the "fake sister Lucia" and the fake religion "Vatican II"... It's so damn late. 2 billions babies had been aborted. Hundreds and hundred millions of men had died through wars... The list is forever long and now the so called "Catholics" just begin to question their headman in Rome? The blood stained on our hands. It's true. Silence is a green light for the wicked continue with their crimes. Thus, the traditional Catholics must work hard a hundred times more than before to catch up with the lost. The Deep Church and Deep States must be eradicated simultaneously. Can't let those Satan's seeds mocking God any longer.


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