How Much did Montini and Escriva have to do with Sister Lucy's departure from the Dorothean Order and her entrance into the Carmel? Was this new cloistered existence and the removal of her teeth, in 1948, part of the plan?

                           When will these "saints" be brought to justice? 

A Friend of Sister Lucy Truth summarizes some of the information presented in the podcast by Profesosor Bezerra. Very Interesting.

The main question is: How much was the Opus Dei involved in the case?

Escrivá had met Sister Lucy in the 1940's and, for some reason, she decided to become a Carmelite, against the will of her superior.

She, then, wrote a letter to Rome, because it would be easier for her to be transferred to a Carmel with an approval by Pope Pius XII. By that time, Monsignor Montini was already in charge of taking care of correspondence in Rome. He was a very close friend of Escrivá's by that time.

One night, Sister Lucy had a toothache and the dentist told her that all of her teeth should be removed. Indeed, it would change her dental arch a little and it would facilitate a replacement. Besides, the Carmel in Coimbra was restarted in the late 1940's. Freemasonry had taken it down in the past and then the Portuguese military was in charge of the Carmel until around 1948. All the nuns didn't know each other and barely knew Sister Lucy!

Sister Lucy I was hidden there and wouldn't get any contact with the outside world. All that was needed for a replacement was an imposter with a pair of thicker glasses. And all the nuns seemed to be cooperating with the Opus Dei.

See the entire video by Professor Bezerra here: 


  1. “Saint” “Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer, Marquis (!!!) of Peralta” (NOT his real name!) will surely go down as one of the most evil, hideous, hypocritical, duplicitous, pharisaical, and proud clerics in Church history, joining the club of most notorious churchmen along with men such as Marciel Maciel Degollado (both men much beloved by anti-saint John Paul II "The Great"). The Freemasonic/Rosicrucian fingerprints are all over "Saint" José María Escriba y Albás (his real name) anti-Catholic "apostolate". "Opus Judaei", written pseudonymously by "Escriba de Balaguer" is a must read for anyone wishing to come to grasp with the crypto-Judaic nature of this Rosicrucian Trojan Horse within the Church. Already in the early 1940s Fr Escriba y Albás was already being publicly denounced by Franco's tribunal against Freemasonry as having set up a pseudo-Catholic sect that was nothing else but a Judaic branch of Freemasonry. The oratory he set up in Madrid in 1939 was said to have been adorned with kabbalistic and Freemasonic signs (See “Sodalitium” – Octobre- Novembre 1996, “Encore sur L’Opus Dei” by Fr Curzio Nitoglia , starting on p 58) . Curiously enough, the behaviour of the good Carmelite nuns in Barcelona was exactly the opposite as that later demonstrated by the Carmelite nuns of Coimbra; far from being a friend of opus judaei, they publicly burned Escriba’s 999 maxims known as “Camino” (“The Way”)! Of course, “999” is an eminently Kabbalistic number – his Kabbalistic takeover of the Church was “hidden” in plain sight, for anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear!! The official coat of arms of opus judaei is a (kabbalistic) CROSS within a CIRCLE (gnostic symbol denoting spiritual realm – think of the compass, cited by Fr Escriba y Albás, rather unsurprisingly) with a ROSE at the bottom, i.e. the “rose-cross” or “rose-croix”, the 18th degree of the Free and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

    1. Late reply but thank you for that important information. Anti-pope Paul VI was also a crypto Jew, his mother apparently being a false Jewish convert to Catholicism, as her tomb covered with occult Jewish symbolism reveals (search on Google images). And Paul VI wore the Jewish High Priest Ephod in public beginning in the early 1970s. He was also eminently blackmailable, being an unchaste homosexual: (and 2 other related short articles there)

  2. When Our Lady crushes their heads and allows us to have our Holy Father who is truly a faithful Catholic, he will "dethrone" all of these fake saints and fake popes of the Luciferians-NWO Cabals to hell. Everybody who learnt and kept the Catholic Teachings knew that those guys can't be Catholics nor be the real Popes. God did not make His Church and gave the "Vicar" chair to Satan. The future (real one) Holy Father will have to excommunicated and condemned all of them. The true Catechism and Dogmas/Theology of the Church must be reinforced again. All religious orders must be vetted and the Iron rules must apply. No more gays/lesbians in any shapes or form. No more Jewish Cabals, no more Communists, no more Modernists... and the rest of the Synagogue can never ever (seeds of Satan) enter the church. Period. Jesus Christ did not condemn the pagans but He surely called out the sins on the face of the Jews from their highest positions, their priests and high priests "You hypocrites", "Your father is Satan..." Never can trust them, they can't repent and can't convert. The Jews entered the church to destroy the church, not to repent or convert. Remember that folks!!! They are born by Satan and always will be Satan's seeds. The faggot-Jew Paul VI, and actor-double liar John Paul II ain't saints. They are in Hell. Our Lady said "TWO WORM-RIDDEN POPES..." don't doubt Our Lady words, folks. It's a fact. She told us the truth to help us but we are too stupid. We supposed to know and defend the church at least 60 years ago. Time to form CRUSADERS OF THE LATTER DAY now. Please, it's too late. We can't let them keep on mocking God and His Mother forever like this. Those scumbags need to hunt down and throw them out. They don't belong inside the church. None of them Holy, all sodomites and pedophiles.


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