Announcement: After Months of Inquiry, the CIA, the State Department, the National Archives, and the FBI Indicate that They have No Documents Relevant to the 1958 Conclave, John XXIII, or Cardinal Guiseppe Siri.


Notice they do not tell us WHY this is the case? We tried to locate official US documents relevant to this critical conclave that not only determined the fate of the institutional organization of the Catholic Church, but also the fate of Sister Lucy dos Santos, Seer of Fatima. Sister Lucy Truth said that it would try. It did. 


  1. They will never find anything that expose their crimes, their sins, their "conspiracies," and their true satanic system. They will only find what they want the world to know. The rest will never be found even though everybody knew they have it. Of course, the hands of Satan are in control of both parties, of all upper level and local level. All run and own by the Cabals. Our politicians are nothing but whores working for the pimps. American-shepherds are ruined, now only wolves and pigs. Everything is lost. That's why the Fatima is the only hope. All of us, must heed the Fatima Message, make daily reparation and safeguard our own soul, family, and so on. We have no leaders left who can lead us out of the harm way but the BLESSED VIRGIN MARY.


  2. Was there not a document stating that the conclave of 1958 was decided or would be decided on the outside (of the conclave)? Dulles? Where did that come from if there were no documents? If they had done an honest global search, would that (and potentially others) not turn up again? Am I missing something here?

  3. They have it, all documents related to Siri and the Catholic Church. They put John XXIII and Paul VI in, they wanted their "men" take over the church. They celebrated their "Black Mass to Satan when those "worm-ridden popes" got the chair of St. Peter... Yes, they won, they can bring out
    satanic plan "greater Israel project and their messiah who will form their one world government, one religion..." All sectors of our government are run and owned by the Jews and Israel. The Synagogue of Satan is winning, cesspool from top to the bottom. So, don't be surprised that the faithful are being persecuted. They suppressed the Fatima message and killed the messenger. I bet you they eliminated her right after a long visited with father Fuentes. We need to find those 37 books or reports that he wrote about the last interview. They silenced father Fuentes too. The CIA, FBI, MOSSAD, KGB, MI6... the whole world gang-up to kill CHRIST THE KING and eradicate HIS KINGDOM here on earth. All the elites and politicians are AC/Cabals/Zionists/Luciferians. None of those men are righteous, none of them pious, none of them love Christ and His Mother. Satan and his seeds hate Mary more than they hate God. That's a concrete evidence that I say many times the Jews/Israel will never repent or convert because they CAN'T. The hatred toward the Blessed Mary is a proof that they are the seeds of Satan and never ever can be changed.


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