No Really? The Detractors of Sister Lucy Truth have come out with a ridiculous and comical video that asserts that we and the experts that we have consulted did not take into consideration the real Sister Lucy's dental work and the effects it may have had on her look. Not only did we know about it, but our experts have said in almost every report that dental work DOES NOT EXPLAIN the differences between the pictures. The only explanation for the differences being two separate individuals.

See the evidence at
In fact, since the experts received photos of the real Sister Lucy before and after her dental work in the late 40s, and they still judged that the woman appearing first in 1967 is not the same individual would not that fact add greater weight to the case that we are dealing with two separate individuals. 
If this is their best argument against the scientifically demonstrated claim that there were two "Sister Lucys" --- a mere Strawman argument with dentures --- they are getting desperate, I think. And, by the way, thanks for the publicity! Also, to my knowledge, handwriting is not affected by the getting of dentures. 


  1. Those killers had made these false claims for years. They have no other proofs to cover up their infiltration insider the Church. They can't lie and twist the story forever. They know they will be exposed and the true story of Sister Lucia will blow up on their faces. Those Freemasons/Zionists and Communists have invaded and ruined the church so that they can bring out their ANTICHRIST and their NEW WORLD ORDER---Religion of Satan/Lucifer. They know the FATIMA MESSAGE from Heaven through the real Sister Lucia will expose everyone of them and destroy their plan. That's why they had setup to kill her and swapped her with a fake Sister Lucia (a comical tool bag of the Luciferians. The Vatican II planed this...) Benedict XVI needs our prayers. He must come out and spits out the truth before he die. Otherwise, the hell is certainty waiting for him. Billions of unborn babies died, billions of people died of wars, hungers, famines, diseases, disasters, and genocide because of the errors of modernism, and communism... Morality bankruptcy, Faith is lost and now the church plunged into APOSTASY... Benedict XVI is not innocent. Pray for him to receive graces and courage to come out tell the truth, everything truth, expose the enemies from within before he die. Pray for him to come clean to God, it's not easy for a person with his entire life bombarded with heresies and false "Talmudic doctrines" to come to Jesus Christ. With our sacrifices and Rosary, we can help him. The truth will vindicate the real Sister Lucia and the Fatima Message will save 8 billions souls on this planet. When everybody knows the truth, most people will repent and convert to Christ and the true holy Catholic Pope will consecrate Russia and by that consecration, Russia will be saved and the world will have peace. We all know that, but not enough people to act on that. WW3 already begun, and the Wrath will follow afterward. Please, like it or not, we are responsible for the fate of the Church and the World right now. We must pray and offer ourselves. God will do the rest. Don't be afraid. Padre Pio said "don't be afraid, just Pray, offer Sacrifice, Hope, and be Happy..."


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