"Fatima Fraud-Our Case For An Imposter Lucy" Full Film 1


  1. Never can give enough evidence to prove the point when the liars and cheaters are deliberately and intentionally argued base on no logical fact because they have no logic to begin with. They are the ones who setup the whole scheme to destroy the real Sister Lucia so that they can hijack and twist the Faith and turn the church into their Synagogue of Satan: the New Jews World Disorder. The pit of hell is not hot enough for them. Those sold their souls to Satan would rather to have this life and lose the next life forever in Hell. Hell is not a scared place for them because their fathers all are living in there. Vatican II Conciliar church is NOT a real Catholic Church but a tool bag of the Rothschild Jewish Banker Cartel to wipe off the Kingship of Christ, so they can bring out their "messiah" the Anti-Christ and their stolen land Israel and their Noahide Law which is lawlessness and perverted sodomite culture of death. The Jews were cursed 2000 years ago, and still being cursed today and forever. Some said, "the Jews will convert...." But I am personally doubted for many good reasons. They are the seeds of the Liar and the Murder from the beginning, can't change. Look at the case of Paul VI, John Paul II... Fake convert, yes, they converted to Catholics and as soon they got inside, they destroyed and stole the church and turned it into their Talmudic Satanic religion of Satan. Never trust a Jew, never. Snake is always a snake. Satan is always Satan. God abolished their religion and built Catholic Church for that reason. Never doubt the word of God "No, you don't have God as your father... Your father is Satan..." Catholics must know that. The greatest enemy of all mankind is the Jews, who killed God and now they kill all who belong to God. Period.

  2. Thank be to God. Keep on fighting and exposing them. Their arguments are nothing but based on stupidity and non specific real science. The TRUTH WILL FREE THE CHURCH and BRING OUT THE TRIUMPH OF OUR LADY. Thank you to all who love the truth, seek the truth, live the truth, spread the truth, and DEFEND THE TRUTH. God bless you. The victory is nearer than you think.

  3. Early in the video there is an excellent shot of Sr Lucy's left hand palm facing forward ,if you could obtain a similar view of the imposters left palm ,even from a different angle ,a comparison could be made ,palm prints like finger prints are unique.

  4. Dr C.- I recently saw an article in either CNA or National Catholic Register about an interview with a niece of Sister Lucy done in 2017. I don't know who the author was, a female I believe. Perhaps the niece is still alive and can be contacted.
    Regarding Vatican II starting on October 13,1962 that was a mockery and slap in the face to Our Lady when you look at the strange events in the late 1950's, in my opinion. There were probably still a lot of people alive then who actually saw the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima.

  5. If a person has a right mind, he would agreed the fact, there are two different persons here. Even a 10 years old child would know that just by looking at the pictures. But for the educated men and women of the new Luciferians' religion Vatican II can't, couldn't agree those are two different women is just so disgusting. Their pride made them stupid, blind, deaf, and dumb. No wonder, the Eucharist in their mass can be anything bread, cookies, crackers, and the wine can be coca cola, whisky, juice, and anything they wish. Unbelievable, how far those Apostates can do to insult Our Lord and Our Lady??? Time to wrap it up. We have no choice but be ready to fight to our last drop of our blood. Jesus is awaiting for us to make commitment. Are we "His people" or not? Remember Pilate asked Him? "Are you a King?" I hope all of us reflected on His answer right? "If My Kingdom of this earth, MY PEOPLE WILL FIGHT FOR ME NOT TO BE DELIVERED TO YOUR HAND. BUT MY KINGDOM IS NOT OF THIS EARTH." That answer before Jesus died and risen. His Kingdom official establish on the PENTECOST. Yes, His Kingdom is here on earth by the present of His Holy Catholic Church. And we are HIS PEOPLE. Our duty and responsibility is to fight for "Thy Kingdom here on earth as in Heaven..." We are not coward, nor afraid of those faggots-communists-Cabals/Freemasons/Luciferians of the NWO. No. We will be the heel of the Blessed Virgin Mary and we must crush their heads. That's our duty. That's our job. This project is a proof to the world, there are still some Disciples of Latter Day, who risk everything to fight for the truth. This is 50% victory when the truth come out. The truth is already out. The enemies chose not to accept it. The other 50% victory is to eliminate the root of all evil might come later through 3 days of darkness or by some other means. Who knows? God has His plan holy and mystery and will be given to each individual by God's choice. We all must be ready. Never back down or give the enemy even one inch. Watch and Pray and be generous to this work. Only two persons on this planet are doing two extremely difficult job at this crisis time. They fight for the true principle of the Catholic Faith and Prophecy. Father Paul Kramer, and Dr. Chojnowski. Chip in your shares, please. Pope Benedict XVI is dying at any moment now. Don't let Our Mother wait any longer. They are afraid of us more than we can imagination. They know their time is up. So, pray and don't be afraid. Be graceful that God born us into this time for us to join in the FINAL BATTLE between Satan and the Blessed Virgin Mary and we know GOD FATHER PROMISED THE GREAT VICTORY. "SHE WILL CRUSH YOUR HEAD." Satan and his seeds must be eradicated forever. Padre Pio said "Pray, Trust in God, Hope, and be Happy." God bless all of us His People.


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