04 October 2021 “Religion and Science: Towards COP26” With a Special Appearance by.........Francis!!! It looks like Roncalli, Montini, the New Theologians Got Exactly What They Wanted, a Church that is Nothing But a Conduit of the New World Order.


  1. Brought to you by "The Deep State Church of Vatican 2" hurrah !!!

  2. The NWO must be exposed and destroyed by our faith in true God and Our Lady. Say Rosary, do penance, go to real Mass, make sacrifice, offer to be a "victim soul" and make reparation to both Hearts. First Friday and First Saturday must be practiced by all Catholics. God will give us graces and wisdom to act accordingly to each person talents. We are the HEEL of HER FEET. WE MUST CRUSH THEIR HEADS DEEP CHURCH AND DEEP STATE. Didn't she told us in La Salette, "All my children, don't be afraid my children, you are the children of the Light, you must fight..."


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