Opus Dei Wants "All In" to Bergoglio's NewChurch of Mandatory Modernism. If They Cannot Even Stand Up to Francis's Endorsement of Sodomite Civil Unions, Their Designation as a "Conservative Catholic" Organization is a Sick Joke.


                 "Get rid of that mean priest," said Francis. "Yes, dear Holy Father," said, Msg. Fernando Ocariz, Prelate of the Personal Prelature of Opus Dei.



  1. Good priest, thank God for him. He doesn't know that Opus Dei was made to support Vatican II and window dressing for them. Thus, when they see someone who doesn't follow their agenda of the Luciferians' religion, they "get rid" of him---by kick him out or eliminate him by "disappearing" him just as many have been unfortunately. Is that the "man of God" to you? NO. VATICAN II WAS FORMED BY FREEMASONS/SATANIC LUCIFERIANS and they will be that way until we have gut to rise up and eradicate them from this planet.

    We don't fight for Christ, because we are cowardice just like the rest of the Disciples run and hidden themselves while they crucified their MASTER. Where are you "CHURCH MILITANTS?" Where are you "CRUSADERS?" Where are you "EAGLES?" Where are you Traditional Catholics?

    All lip service, because if you (I address to all Traditional Catholics) are truly love Christ and His beloved Holy Catholic Church, you should have formed the RESISTANCE ARMY BY NOW... for 60 years plus, you have done nothing, absolutely nothing to defend Christ. And they killed one by one anyone who tries to set an alarm to alert you and you stupidity allowed them to do so.

    Time to get up and get notice. There is only one way to deal with the devils who used forces against you is to use forces against them. You have two weapons: Spiritual Weapons and Swords that Jesus Christ allowed. Didn't he say "buy it?" Do you stupid people really think Jesus against
    physical defensive when needed? Read and Learn again. HE IS NOT AGAINST "SELF-DEFENSE" WHEN IT'S NECESSARY AND THIS TIME IS A MUST. THIS TIME IS SELF-DEFENSE 100% A MUST.

    Those scumbags who sit on all top positions in the Catholic Church are not Catholics, not pope and not bishops... etc. NO. NO... and No, but they are SODOMITES, PEDOPHILES, FREEMASONS, SPIES OF THE MOSSAD, KGB, CIA, MI6, ROTHSCHILD LUCIFERIANS regime of the Jewish NWO, and their SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN: ISRAHELL.

  2. The priest is to be commended. I only hope he comes to see that the Vatican II sect is a "counterfeit church of darkness," as Ven. Anne Catherine Emmerich prophesied.

    Of course the statement to Cardinal Caffara in a letter from the early 1980s about the "final battle" being about "marriage and the family" is from the Impostor Sr Lucia. So is the often cited statement about a "diabolical disorientation." Just like a counterfeit work of art or money, such statements sound authentic to most people.

    Re- Opus Dei, I read somewhere, and hope someone can verify this, that Msgr. Montini (future anti-pope Paul VI) and Fr Jose Maria Escriva were the ones who orchestrated, presumably by order of the Judeo-Masonic powers they served, the transfer of Sr Lucia from the Dorothean Convent to the Carmelites, where there was most likely a superior, or even a superior general, who was an enemy infiltrator. Nothing surprises me anymore, especially after Knowing about the 1958 papal conclave usurpation, and recently seeing evidence that the assassination attempt on JPII in 1981 appears to have been faked (presumably to make him appear anti-communist and also make him the murdered "bishop dressed in white" in the bogus 3rd Secret revealed in 2000.


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