Novus Ordo Cincinnati to Reorganize Parishes into Large "Families" of Parishes with One "Priest" Per Many Parishes. Declining Numbers since 1970 and a Catastrophic Collapse in the Number of "Priests" since 1970 (Hmmmm!) from 450 to 150, Requires this Reorganization. Let's think "Cause and Effect." Nah. Couldn't be.


  1. It all goes back to the vitiated 1958 conclave, after many years of enemy infiltration. Every pope from St Peter to Pius XII handed on what he received. Not so beginning with anti-pope John XXIII. Stalin in the early 1920s even ordered all the communist parties around the world to recruit young men to enter seminaries and religious orders to help destroy the Church from within. Probably women to enter convents as well.

  2. The consequences of ignoring and insulting the warnings from Heaven. They had a long time to revert it but they chose not to do it. GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED. Why the Catholics today can't see or connect the dots anymore? Brainwashed or Braindead? But everybody is so eager, so greedy grabbed, hoarded in money, and wealth, lust, and pleasure so fast... I can't find any good Catholics around. Really, it's so hard to find a good decent Catholic nowadays even in priests. They lost the sense of "holiness"... They don't value "VIRTUES" but they do value "MONEY"... "By the fruit you know the tree" Jesus had warned us.


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