In Tribute to a Genuine Intellectual and Scholar, Fr. Dominic Bourmaud SSPX. I helped edit his work "100 Years of Modernism" and worked with him on the Angelus Magazine, played soccer with him, served his Mass and shared a lamb dinner. RIP. May you swiftly be with the Eternal High Priest.



  1. Thank God for him. Still some SSPX have right minds and hearts and same principal with their Founder Archbishop Lefebvre. I pray for the rest of Fellay and Fellayians wake up and straighten up. Vatican II is NOT a Catholic Church but a New World Disorder of the Jews (Cabals) and Communists. They entered the church to destroy the church from within and their plan was planned for centuries. Now is their peak time for they are about to be succeeded.

    Today is the First Saturday, I missed the Holy Mass, but I will make up with 200 decades of Rosary to honor and make reparation to Her Immaculate Heart. We have no one on our side but Heavenly Mother who will intercede for us. (GOD closed His Ears on us for we have mocked Him for over 104 years already.)


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