"Objections and Responses to the Fatima Investigation" - No.10 Why wouldn't family members recognize that a fraud was being perpetrated?

Dr. Chojnowski: When you think about the restrictive situation in which a Carmelite nun lives, you can say that the enemies of the Church would see this as one of the easiest venues from which to pull off a substitution. A substitution by one who would follow along with every single aspect of the doctrinal and liturgical revolution of NewChurch, along with one that would allow the redirection of the Fatima Message to focus upon an affirmation of the Modernist Revolution and the perpetrators of that Revolution. The change worked out perfectly for the perpetrators, it went without a hitch until Sister Lucy Truth decided that it must discover the truth of the matter using the latest scientific, medical, and forensic means available. Without Sister Lucy Truth the fraud would have remained in place, relegated to the individual intuitions of individuals who could see that there was something very different about these two women. The apparent conspiracy, would have succeeded without a hitch. If the Vatican could fool the entire world with this substitution, why could it not fool the relatives of Sister Lucy or quietly pressure them into silence or indifference. Fear of harm is a great motivating factor. Most people do not want their lives interrupted by unpleasant or dangerous situations which do not affect them directly. What about family members who had never actually seen the real Sister Lucy --- who apparently disappeared some 60 years ago. Even those who knew her and had actually seen her would eventually lose touch with her or the presence of the fake would blur a clear perception that a substitution did or might have taken place. Then there is the instinctive tendency --- perhaps still had by some, especially those who grew up before the Modernist Revolution in the 60s --- to believe what the "good priests" and "good bishops" and "good popes" are telling them about "Sister Lucy." The default position would be to believe them, since you cannot be sure that there is a problem due to the circumstances. Also, you had no direct access to Sister Lucy herself, except with express permission of the Vatican. 

Listen, if the scientific evidence shows that there was a substitution, dating back at least to the early 60s or even to the late 50s, then the relatives who think otherwise are just wrong in their assessment. Many of them may have a story to tell but have not told it yet. That is the purpose for the on-going Sister Lucy Truth investigation, which is a very public enterprise. What is most surprising however is how few people care. That is probably the most shocking aspect of this whole investigation to me personally. The Messenger of Fatima was most likely taken out by her enemies in the Vatican and in Coimbra and in who knows where else, and replaced by another woman who assumed her identity. But, so what? You have to wonder about these people's interest in getting to the roots of the attempted taken down of the Catholic Church by her long term enemies. Hey man, this is a direct empirically analyzable piece of forensic evidence pointing to what happened, not only to Sister Lucy but to the Church at large. It is something that can be scientifically PROVEN, one way or another. It either IS OR IT IS NOT. The women appearing as "Sister Lucy" either are the same individual, have the same act of existence, OR THEY DON'T. Does it matter to Our Lady and Our Lord that the substitution be found out? How could it not? If true, it is a crime crying out to Heaven for vengeance. We remember Edmund Burke's words when, during the French Revolution but before the murder of the Queen of France, WHERE IS THE MUCH TOUTED FRENCH CHIVALRY? WHY DON'T THEY SAVE HER EVEN AT THE COST OF THEIR LIVES?  And the Messenger of Our Lady, can her misfortune be overlooked as if it is only of minor concern a mere attempt to get more "clicks" for this blog than Taylor Marshall or the Remnant? How petty and self-absorbed have we gotten? How unmanly have we become? If you do not like the way we have done it, or are dissatisfied with our "method," then publicly take up the question yourself and seek out the answers for the obvious questions. Otherwise, help us! 

Same person? 
Does it seem like the individual in the second picture is 20 YEARS OLDER than the one above? If the answer is NO to either question, we have a HUGE PROBLEM. 


  1. We were given the impression Communism fell in the 1980s ,on the contrary it seems the Vatican came to terms with it, Communism is spreading ,Cardinals who opposed Communism were very badly treated by the then Pope Paul ,he himself had betrayed Priests sent by Pope Pius into Russia to minister to Catholics,they were imprisoned or worse.If he was capable of that kind of treachery,he most certainly would have been capable of replacing Sr Lucy.I think for many the truth is too horrible to deal with.

  2. The relatives of the real Sister Lucia DID NOT see her everyday or every week or every year. Besides, those people were late generations, nieces or nephews that they never had seen her often or ever saw her at all... Think deep, if you still have a brain.!!! Now, here is the fact.

    The people who have never been lived or been in a cloistered Carmelite Nun in those old day have known nothing to begin a solid argument. Period. If they ever have a visitor, there would be a veil between them, they could not truly see the person who they thought they went to visit. They will have a very short conversation and that was all. Get over it, all of you are fools by the tricks of the Freemasons of Vatican II Lucifer Church.

    The fact is this, the Holy Catholic Church has been HIJACKED, STOLEN, INVADED BY THE JEWS & PROTESTANTS = MOSSAD, CIA, KGB, MI6... of the NEW WORLD ORDER = JEWISH KABBALAH. (All communists, terrorists, Zionists, globalists, feminists', leftists, atheists, Satanists, perverted sodomites-pedophiles, ... all of the evils and perverted come from one root: the Synagogue of Satan. Their 37 books of Talmudic proved that, and Jesus Christ condemned them on their faces "your father is Satan")

    They killed the real Sister Lucia and switch off with their tool-bag: a fake comical fool acting as sister Lucia's roll. Don't you see her gesture, her talks, and her religious expression? Is that a real Sister Lucia who saw the Heavenly Mother???? Are you people really that stupid?!

    You people are so stupid include all who claimed have "doctor degree" those fake doctors are pseudo Catholics, they pretend to be Catholics have show and use them like a mouthpiece for the Vatican II and I don't know any other word to describe your brain no more !!!!

    You have lost the FAITH and your belief reflect your souls. You are one foot in hell. Wake the HELL UP and begin to dig up and begin to think as a true Catholic. Repent, come and help the true Church to fight back. The church is being burnt down and you fools just stand there laughing?!

    All the evidence have presented to you and you people still quack your stupid mouths "Why don't her relative recognize the fake sister Lucia?"

    Go to Portugal and track down her relatives and ask them face to face. They will tell you the same thing I tell you now. THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO IS WHO BECAUSE THEY DID NOT EVEN KNOW HER SINCE THEY WERE TOO YOUNG OR NOT EVEN BORN YET... Stop being so stupid but "look at the fruit of the Vatican II and know their tree" nothing but evil.

    Vatican II is working to prepare the way for the ANTICHRIST. The whole clans of Vatican II are the puppets and antichrists to their bones. Let the ones who have ears to hear and let the ones who have eyes to see.

    The people who love the truth always seeking to find the truth, they will always live the truth, and they always spread the truth and they always defend the truth. THE TRUTH IS GOD. GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP ON FIGHTING FOR THE TRUTH. (If you know how important this real Sister Lucia story is, you will be shock----the church, the history of the true church and 8 billions souls and the peace of this world depend on the true outcome of this story---Please, all you who are wealthy, or even comfortable living---Please support this work, help this project to save us and bring out the triumph to Our Lady. Why God is doing this? God gives us a chance to contribute into a good work, so that He can reward us for we have nothing to be rewarded for)

    When the truth story of the real Sister Lucia come to light, the Vatican II Lucifer church and their Antichrists will be crushed. GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED. Only stupid fools and fake Catholics would think God would be merciful to them forever. DO NOT TEST GOD.

  3. The key phrase in the article for "How?" is "quietly pressure them into silence." I've mentioned before, but it bears repeating, that both her family and the other nuns were more than likely told that Sr Lucia's life was in danger from enemies of the Church who wanted her voice silenced, especially before 1960, and may even kidnap her and kill her, and both family and nuns were ordered to keep silent not only under pain of sin for disobeying ecclesiastical authority -- maybe even disobeying the pope -- but also convinced that if they said anything then the enemies would find out and would have ways of finding her. A perfect diabolical strategy!

    I also read somewhere that it was Msgr. Montini and Jose Maria Escriva who arranged Sr Lucia's move from the Dorothean convent to the Carmelites. The latter may have had a Freemasonic asset as superior. Nothing surprises me anymore. Not even a possible fake assassination attempt against JPII, all to make it appear that he was anti-communist.

  4. Her skin isn't even the same color! Did she get a severe case of vitilago as well?


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