Coochie Coo! No Latin Mass for You! Marxist Cardinal to Enforce Bergoglio's Attempt to Eliminate the Catholic Religion from the Catholic Church. Since They Cannot Eliminate the Real Church, isn't this the EndGame for the Alta Vendita Plot Against the Church?

Cardinal Braz de Aviz Congratulates Boy for Wearing a Red Sweater!

Dr. Chojnowski: The absurdity of the situation must hit even the most convinced Neo-Gallicans/Jansenists who continue to present as traditional the idea that the Catholic Church can for 60 years produce corrupting doctrine and practice and present this to the faithful. Even these people, who completely destroy the very essence of the Catholic Church, must see that doctrinally speaking you cannot have the Hierarchy of the Church and its Magisterium officially -- in the Acts of the Apostolic See --- attempt to eliminate the Catholic Religion from the Catholic Church. Something is very very wrong with this. No saint would evaluate the current situation like the "traditional" clerics and journalists do above. Unthinkable. The saints and fathers would know that Catholic doctrine and the very promises of Jesus Christ Himself to His Church renders this impossible. 
The problem with the current situation is not with the Bergoglian Marxist and Modernist Apostates. I personally have been aware for some 40 years now that such people are not Catholics. Even though "saint" John Paul II --- called so by a number of commentators above --- with his teaching of Universal Salvation (See Fr. Johannes Dormann's series on JPII's theology) and his apostate participation in the rites of false religions --- showed us in the 80s that he was clearly an apostate who probably never held the orthodox Catholic faith in his entire life, we are in the 2020s still worrying about how terrible it is that the Counterfeit Church produced by Vatican II to mimic the Catholic Church in its externals, but essentially present a religion that is in conformity with the Masonic New World Order, is well....trying to eliminate the "Latin Mass." You must be kidding. They eliminated the very basics of Catholic doctrine and practice from Catholic hearts some 50 years ago. We have lived a half century of the complete disappearance of the authentic Catholic Religion from the public sphere. Let's just admit it. The Modernist have won. It is no longer the SiSiNoNo headline of, "They think they have won!" They have won. They have won as much as the Enemies of the True Faith can win. They think that they have succeeded in making the Mystical Pure Bride of Christ into the Harlot of Babylon. They of course have not. Like their forerunners from the French Revolution, they have set a harlot on the high altar of a great cathedral, and labelled it for the world "the Catholic Church." A church with a new doctrine, practice, and worship is not the Catholic Church. No real Catholic could for long be part of a church that has not the doctrine, practice, and worship of the historical Catholic Church. Reason, logic, and the aid of the Holy Ghost surely would eventually move them out of this situation. For 50 years, Catholics have been confronted by this situation, utterly unique in the history of the Church. Let us put aside the dramatic fainting and gnashing of teeth and instead focus on finding ways of maintaining the true Catholic faith and receiving valid sacraments from true Catholic priests, while trying to get the Harlot of Babylon arrested for soliciting the world, the flesh, and the devil!


  1. It is quite simple. The latin Mass can quite validly be celebrated within the Catholic Church by a} declaring that Bergoglio is a filthy imposter and antipope, and b} by mentioning the one and only true pope, Benedict XVI in the canon of the Mass. Then watch the faith thrive. Come out of the Whore of Babylon. The alphabet traditional priestly societies, by submitting to this execrable motu proprio from the slime masquerading under the name of Francis, are damning themselves, and leading their flocks out of the Catholic Church, as they have done since 2013. Benedict never resigned the charge of the office "munus". It is all quite logical and obvious except to the blind leading the blind.

  2. I agree with you 100%. I was mocked and scorned even beaten up for speak out against the Vatican II Satanic Masonic Freemasonry/Luciferians NWO Church ever since the faggot-Jew Paul VI got the chair of St. Peter by the so called "Catholics". Don't even need the enemy from outside, the enemy was right inside the church.

    Both labels "Traditionists" and "Novus Ordo-Modernists" most of them are similar, the same, their mentality, their spiritual-life and practice are all messing up. They might attend different Masses, but their souls, their thinking, their conscious have been tempted. I can't even explain right from wrong to my own family. They just don't have any critical thinking no more. This generation is lost, since they accept the gods of this world. God had left them for good.

    The graces and the blessings were withdrawn from the Church, to the families, to the societies, and to the nations. Nobody received anything from God, except a very few that God will use to set the example for this END TIME.
    We are underground church, we are scattered sheep, we are abandoned ship. Only Our Lady will help us. Stay close, very close to Her Immaculate Heart and keep Her Fatima Message. May God bless you and you please keep fighting for the truth, when enough people realized that they have been duped by the fake Sister Lucia and the THIRD SECRET IS TALKING ABOUT THIS FAKE POPE AND FAKE MASS, FAKE RELIGION THAT VATICAN II PRODUCED... PEOPLE WILL FRICKING OUT AND A GREAT REVENGEANCE WILL OCCUR EVERYWHERE...

    "There will be blood-shed everywhere, inside the church, and in all governments. Good people will rise up and there is only one choice left, the Good must win and God will be with them..."



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