Sister Lucy Truth: An Introduction to the Investigation


  1. If the real Sister Lucy was murdered, would that not make her a martyr?!

    1. She was confirmed to go to Heaven by Our Lady when she was ten years old then, so anyway she is a Saint doesn't matter they murdered her or not. She is a Saint. And if they did kill her, yes she is a Martyr. Of course. Like many Saints Holy in their Spiritual life and still got kill because they have the Catholic Faith. Triple Crown for her. Pray to her and ask her to help us to bring out all the facts and evidence to take down the Freemasons and Luciferians in the Catholic Church and in our government. Deep Church and Deep State must be eradicated from human race. Otherwise, the problem will remain forever. Devils don't die, send them back to hell and lock it up.

    2. Fr. Gruner was undermined by fake Fr. Malachi Martin, who wrote the forward to FATIMA PRIEST and was an (Amorite, not Jew) A.D.L. shill and genuinely fake priest booted out for adultery and buried next to his sweetheart. Martin had way too much insider info about goings-on at Lucia's Carmel, like who visited and when. Marian Horvat also tried to take a bite out of FATIMA CRUSADER and Fr. Gruner's mailing list on behalf of the Gnostic cult, Tradition in Action, splinter group of Tradition, Family & Property. They are money-grubbing Moonie types promoting elitism, the quiet heresy that denies God favors His elect, an unknown status unlike the elite professors etc. who deserve special treatment and all your money via dunning calls for cash. Tradition in Action wanted Gruner's mailing list. TIA/TFP promotes founder's mom, not Mary, as "Mother of the Axiomatic Principle" or GOD in their Litany to Dona Lucilia, founder Plinio's mummy. BEWARE!

  2. It certainly would since I cannot imagine her being eliminated for any other reason than for the reason that she represented the traditional Catholic Faith and was the Messenger of Our Lady.

    1. Yes, I believe she had the heroic death of a martyr. One day we will know.

      Great work! I'll have to send you a donation.

  3. Found these:

    The birth of the nation Israel in 1948 sets in the beginning of the final age of mankind's
    history before Jesus second coming, the age of greatest deception. One of those
    deception deals with Sr. Lucy. Before 1960 we have the real Sr. Lucy, whose messages and
    testimonies in relation to Our Lady of Fatima are grave, simple and consistent. But the false
    and phony Sr. Lucy after 1960 are full of contradictions and, gives mixed and confusing
    messages! Those with an objective critical and analytical mind will see very clearly, in the two
    clips below, that the Sr. Lucy before 1960 compare to the Sr. Lucy after 1960 are two different

    So in 1965 we officially have the Counterfeit Catholic Church(with the official declarations and
    erroneous teachings of Vatican II).
    Then in 1967 we have the first public appearance of the Counterfeit Sr. Lucy!

  4. Jonathan MichaelJuly 28, 2021 at 9:10 AM

    Dear Dr. Chojnowski,

    We donated $113 to your investigation today. I hope you received the money.

    Carry on the good work. We need to get to the bottom of this.

    Best regards from Sweden

  5. Jonathan MichaelJuly 29, 2021 at 9:48 AM

    You're welcome, doctor!

    Looking through your photo evidence, I noticed the photo in which the palms of the real Lucia's two hands are visible. Do you know if there are any photos of the imposter enabling us to compare some of the lines in the palms of the two women? That could provide more useful evidence.

  6. Have been looking at Post-1989 Lucy2's hands and those of her up-for-sainthood Mother Prioress seen in the Irma Lucia videos from Portugal because what shows up is extra-long ring finger found in males as noticed when Mother Prioress clapped her hand on Lucy2's shoulder. Then noticed rather prominent brow ridges on both. Check out BitChute TRANSVESTIGATION tutorials. Palm line analysis is brilliant idea.


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