Modernist bishops Exterminate the Latin Mass in Costa Rica. The Global Liturgic Cleansing Begins.......Want to bet this was in the full Third Secret.....Maybe the "Sister Lucy" that affirmed the veracity of the Vatican "Third Secret" (2000) was not the real......nah, don't get thaaat extreme.


  1. Fake sister Lucia was hired and act as their tool bag to deceive all the Catholics who were stupid enough to believe them. Yes, the third secret of Fatima is in fact expose them and names them by their own names... Take them down. Let us pray and ask God to give us permission and authority to smash their heads off. Can't let them pretend to be "pope and bishops" while they are all devils in religious clothing. Worsen than the wolves, those guys are devils' possessed, so they are devils in human form. All who sold their souls to the devils, their bodies also were sold to the devils. That's why those men can commit so such of perverted disgusting sins and no shame. Only devils can do that.


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