"Memory, all alone in the moonlight I can dream of the old days Life was beautiful then I remember the time I knew what happiness was Let the memory live again......" Hypocrite Bergoglio spoke of Prayer as an "Act of Freedom" when He was Writing his Book with Rabbi Skorka!


   "Now We Have Liquidated the Catholics from the Catholic Church! It has taken 63 Years, But Victory is Ours!"

Dr. Chojnowski: As Francis finishes what began on October 28, 1958 with the election of Angelo Roncalli --- the complete takeover of the institutional organization of the Catholic Church and the liquidation of the Catholic Faith and Religion from the face of the Earth --- as a direct and intended insult to the "idea" of an Almighty God, which is all that Bergoglio obviously believes in --- we recall what he himself wrote with Rabbi Skorka back in 1995 concerning "prayer." This is taken from the interview of the two men that became a book, On Heaven and Earth (New York: Image Books, 2015), p. 55: "Bergoglio: Prayer is an act of freedom, but sometimes it emerges as an attempt at control, which is the same as wanting to control God. That has to do with a deformation, with an excessive ritualism or with many other attitudes of control. Prayer is talking and listening."

Now, the hypocrite in white continues by indicating how "fundamentalists," by their doctrine --- and here I suppose he means Catholic doctrine as was taught and defended and died for over the course of 2,000 years --- take a person's freedom away.  (pp. 70-71), "Bergoglio: Yes, some small restorationist factions have continued to multiply: I call them fundamentalists. As you said, before this heap of uncertainties they tell young people: 'Do this, do that!' So a seventeen or eighteen year old boy or girl gets excited and they push them forward with rigid directives. And to be honest, they mortgage their lives and at 30, they burst because they were not properly prepared to overcome the thousand and one crises in life or the thousand and one shortcomings that everyone has, or the thousand and one wrongs that they are going to commit....This type of rigid religiosity is disguised with doctrines that claim to give justifications, but in reality deprive people of their freedom and do not allow them to grow as persons. A large number end up living a double life."


  1. Bishop Donald Sanborn has some thought-provoking things to say about Francis's suppression of the Traditional Mass in his impotent Motu Proprio "Traditionis Custodes": youtube.com/watch?v=JW3PRR8INvA
    The bishop's sermon on "The Death of Dogma" and others on his channel are also worth listening to. He doesn't mince words about the Great Apostasy of the V2 counterfeit church, constituting a new religion, with its corresponding new supernaturally eviscerated liturgy.


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