"Highest ranking American cleric who is not a bishop" resigns on account of allegations of homosexual misconduct at a gay bar. Does this mean he will not be on the board that decides whether we can get the "Latin Mass"?




  1. He is innocent. The Priest is a victim of a witch-hunt. He must not have had a PC so
    they couldnt frame him like they did to Fr. Rutler the cellphone esp. is tricky.

    ¨Monsignor Burrill wanted to bar Joe Biden from receiving communion… but then someone tracked the Monsignor’s cellphone usage.¨


    1. If he is innocent, then you and all who know he is innocent have the duty and responsibility to fight for him. The truth must be told and your Catholics must stand up defend the truth.
      The reason why evil triumph because good men do nothing to stop them first.


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