Feast of St. Elizabeth, Queen of Portugal today. She died in Coimbra , Portugal, which is potentially the greatest crime scene in the religious world. Let us pray to her that we soon find out what happened there.


  1. Sr Lucia must have been removed from the convent "for her safety," by those who ended up killing her, and her family and the nuns were probably ordered under obedience not to say anything, and besides, if they disobeyed and did not keep it secret, "Sr Lucia's safety would be greatly jeopardized."

    I read somewhere that she was ordered by "the Vatican" in the persons of Msgr. Montini (the future anti-pope Paul VI) and Jose Maria Escriva' to move from the Dorothean Convent to the Carmelites. There were probably communist or otherwise enemy infiltrators in the latter, making it easier for the later (probably 1958, same year as the overthrow of the papacy) "disappearing" of Sr Lucia and her replacement by apparently two successive impostors, one rather plump one just making a brief early appearance, as the early cover of Fatima in Lucia's Own Words shows.


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