Dr. Marian Horvat, who was TOTALLY Unresponsive to our Early Request for Cooperation, Makes the Ridiculous Claim that Sister Lucy Truth has not Gone Beyond the Personal Analysis of the Pictures of the Two Sister Lucys done by Horvat herself. As We Said in the Beginning of Our Investigation, the Perception was Had by Others Concerning the Two Sister Lucys, but We were going to Use the Latest Scientific Techniques and Expertise to Determine the Truth of the Matter. We also are not satisfied by saying, "Perhaps we will know the truth [of the matter] at the Last Judgment."


Chojnowski Watering Wet Ground

Dear Dr. Horvat, 

I remember reading a number of your articles (here and here) on this subject more than a decade ago... it seemed to me at the time that your photographic analysis was quite definitive.  

Dr. Chojnowski has resurrected your original thesis and is attracting a good deal of attention for his Sister Lucy Truth site. 

Has Dr. Chojnowski uncovered any new information on this topic or merely capitalizing on your original work? 


Dr. Horvat responds: 

Dear J.K., 

Thank you for your inquiry. 

I do not believe that Dr. Chojnowski has uncovered any new information, although he has raised considerable funds and hired a company to demonstrate that a careful analysis of the two sets of pictures shows: the impossibility that the face of Sister Lucy II is the same as Sister Lucy I.  

However, this had already been demonstrated by The Servants of the Holy Family in Colorado who hired an age progression and regression photo company to come up with the same conclusion: The photos of Sister Lucy I and II are definitely different people. Mr. Guimarães analyzes the results here

I am glad Mr. Chojnowski, who was, I am told, quite skeptical of my article when it appeared in 2006, has taken the opposite view and now supports my thesis. 

How the change was made by the Vatican and all the complex details this would involve has not, however, been discovered. Perhaps we will only know the truth in the Reign of Mary, or at the Last Judgment. 


     Dr. Marian T. Horvat 



Also, when we began this effort in 2017, TIA totally ignored our request for any pictures they would have that would help our investigation. They were totally uncooperative. 

Horvat and Guimaraes dropped the ball some 15 years ago, Sister Lucy Truth is running the ball down the field to this day. Knowing the small amount of money we are dealing with, considering all the professionals that need to be paid for their services, and in light of the multimillions being funneled into places like the Fatima Center and other "traditional" organizations, the claim that we have raised a "considerable" amount of money is not even humorous. 

For the latest on the findings and reports of the Sister Lucy investigation see:


For a age progression analysis from a Forensic Artist who holds the Guinness Book of World Records for her identification of criminals through her drawings, see: 



  1. The more people wake up and know about the true story happened with Sister Lucia and the Catholic Church is better. All Catholics need to work together to fight back, take back the church and bring out the TRIUMPH TO THE IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY. If "Traditional Catholics" acting and fighting among themselves as infidels, what good is made? I am glad that Dr. Chojnowski reached out to Horvat after 15 years in doubting. Perhaps, after 15 years, he can see the coverup and related story between Fatima clearer to pursue a serious investigation???!!! Dr. Horvat should set aside the emotion feeling and look at the big picture. This is not about anyone but about GOD, HEAVEN, ANTICHRIST, AND HELL. I pray for both of you. You're good Catholics, and everything God gave to you, you can use it more effectivity and successfully when both of you cooperate in this huge scandal. You both can expose the coverup and save the church and mankind from the reign of the AntiChrist. Think deep with charity and humility. God bless.

  2. How strange that they wouldn't reply. Maybe someone got their goat
    All prayers for you Dr. Chojnowski! This us the biggest issue, perhaps second to the true identity of the pope, in our lifetime. Godspeed.

  3. The routine branding by TIA readers of Black Lives Matter as terrorists has led me to stop looking at that site.


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